What the clutch!?!?!

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    So A buddy gave me his bike before moving and though it wasn't running he said all i needed was a new carb and throttle and Id be good to go.
    photo 5.jpg

    After getting them and getting the bike running I took everything apart, painted the frame the color I wanted with the gas tank matching, got some new wheels and handle bars and painted the inside of the rims red. boyyyy is she a beautyyy nowww!:tt1::tt1:


    Since this is my first build and I have no previous experience with any electrical or motor work I figured there would be a lot of trial and error through the process.

    IMG_2234.jpg Motor is on it now and the most difficult for me as far as setting the motor and its parts back has been the clutch :shout:

    The first time I got the bike running after maybe a mile the bike suddenly started to lose power until it just shut off. So I wheeled it back home and messed around with things until I was ready to try it back out.

    as I was peddling and let go of the clutch and hit the throttle nothing happened. so I reached down and pushed the clutch pin back out by hand (I thought that I felt that the clutch wasn't springing back all the way when I let go of it)

    IMG_2238.jpg sure enough she started up again but only to do the same exact thing as before and lose power and shut off after a little under a mile.

    Since I have no experience I wanted to trade ideas with you experienced folks and see what I should do to trouble shoot this

    Also I have no clutch cover and it is missing the clutch lock screw next to the flower nut. Just to add further details that may help you guys help me. IMG_2239.jpg

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

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    If you need parts put an ad up or you can buy them off of a vendor. In pic #4 I can see your missing a locking nut to hold the clutch lever on and the intake for the carb has an issue where it bolts to the head, looks loose. Need to get that tightened up, sucking air could be your issue after dying after a mile. What's all the sealant around the intake? Need to fix that........also that clutch cable looks out of adjustment, too much slack in it.
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    Hi Darwin!
    yes the clutch lock screw is definitely missing and I plan on ordering a few parts later today that being one of them. I just used gasket sealant on the intake in order to get a better seal, it is on there very tight and sealed off perfectly haha clutch cable is definitely not set right but the cable itself is not working properly therefore that is also another part I need to get :ack2:

    I guess I'm just going to have to start changing stuff out until it works properly :/
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    And now my gas tank is leaking as well.

    Starting to feel like all of this stuff is a waste of money and time....:snobby:
  5. HeadSmess

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    oh. last post. clucth cable isnt working properly. thats what i was going to say. yup, replace it.

    waste of money? yep. for the people that keep spending money thinking these things will burn rubber and pop wheelies. they dont :jester: no accessory will turn them into bulletproof GP race engines. individual "mechanics" with "skill" or "experience" or in some rare cases" intuition or blind luck" can imporve the situation, but its a given that you keep a spare engine if you rely on one for work, for instance...

    waste of time? well, depends on what you call a waste. some people sit in front of the telly, swig beer and watch footy. some people play water polo. some people play with gizmos and doodads. some people, after sorting out the issues, go for 600km rides without breaking a sweat...

    anything beats an iphone and angry birds or facebook.
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    How tight is the flower nut to the clutch? Maybe it's loosening? You could try a hardware store for a replacement screw.

    Apparently it's 3 or 4 mm with a 0.7 mm pitch thread. Thanks to 074KU
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    I actually figured out that the whole time the issue was that my engine head screws were not tightened all day way.

    What would happen was that the engine would start and run then when it warmed up and the pressure changed it would die.

    No more issues! I have ridden over 40 miles all over south and north austin and it is reliable and fun :)

    here is what is looks like now


    I still have to get a clutch lock screw. I attempted a few screws from home depot but none of them fit well. I ride 3-5 miles and when I give it throttle it sounds like it revs up but doesn't go so I get off pull the clutch and adjust the flower screw. I really don't have to do it too too often so its not the end of the world.

    I do get a loud noise of metal to metal coming from the clutch as well. I opened it up today and checked out the clutch pads and they look pretty old but not to alarming. what it seems to be is the bigger gear wiggles while it rotates causing the metal to metal noise as it spins. any way to correct this? or any tips of clutch care I should give?

    I have a video of it running where you can hear the noise and see the little wiggle I speak of but I don't know how to post videos here. Do I have to post it on youtube then post the link here?

    Sorry to bombard you guys with questions but I do appreciate the help!
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    This morning I also noticed that when I am going down hill and get going at about 21-22 mph my clutch really doesn't like it. It sounds as if the bike is going too fast for he clutch to keep up.

    I see that a lot of people here cruise at that speed no prob but my bike sounds really weird when I get up to that speed going downhill.

    On a flat it's not as big of an issue...

    Can anyone help a playa out?!?!?
  9. crassius

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    not sure what sound you're talking about, but the chain can be noisy on downhill runs