Clutch What the CLUTCH???

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    Hello to all. Made a stupid mistake taking off front sprocket, and I accidentally left the bucking bar and bearing in while trying to remove the sprocket. Was tightening and then I heard a loud crack/ snap noise. Loosened it up immediately and the bucking bar was stuck in the end of the sprocket removal tool, and the ball bearing rolled out. Now the clutch is stuck in the engaged position. The motor wont catch at all. What did I break, and is it an easy fix? I have the engine off and disassembled up to removing the large and small gears, but the sprocket removal tool wont thread on to release the large gear. the threads have a flat spot and wont tighten. ??? should I just get a new lower engine??:shout::confused:

  2. KCvale

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    Sound like you sheered the little keyway on the right side small gear.
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    if you can get one side or the other off, you can drive that shaft out and get a better look at it & maybe get a good puller on it to get it apart

    some older cases will come out either side, but not sure right now if all will
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    Just pull your plug so you have no compression and roll it.
    Find the part that stops truning and my guess everything turns to the little spocket on the right but the piston don't move.
    That is the little woodruff key on the small sprocket.