what the heck IS "the white zone" anyway?

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    when i named "the white zone" i used to get that question once in a while, and would play a lil' game with clues & stuff. basically, it's a two-fold answer: it's my tribute to Frank Zappa, and it's a social statement. here's an excert from "joes' garage acts II & III"...altho he adresses the state of affairs in the USA, i like to view it as a statement about the global situation in general...and it's my personal inspiration for speaking out against shabby products and marketing.

    i'm sure we were all nice boys once, we used to cut the grass...didn't we?

    we thought a small corner for OT content was in order, but for the sake of THE INFO we also had to reach compromise...

    i hear a lot of talk about "the free world" and "free speech"...but it isn't just talk, it's jabs and insults directed at the folks who work so hard to keep THE INFO safe. helping people build a functioning & safe MB is job-one at MBc, always has been.

    consider this about freedom of expression: when Tom created MBc, and when staff structured it the way it is, they were excercising their freedom of speech. "we want to help people with MB's and don't wanna have the place gooped up with inflammatory or irrelevent material."

    the beauty thing about the 'net and free speech is that Tom had EVERY RIGHT to say "this is MY domain & i have rules...IF you agree with those rules, you are welcome to enter & participate. if you do NOT agree, no problem, don't register & don't participate, but we've structured things so that you can STILL make use of THE INFO."

    to me, every complaint about "free speech" is a complaint about Tom (and the staff that backs him up) and his own right to freedom of expression. this is his house, & you "signed" a paper agreeing to respect his right to free-speech before you entered HIS domain...

    if this was the ONLY place on the net, perhaps you'd have a point about needing to go off point...but it ISN'T the only place, there are TONS of places to talk about off-topic politics and religion...noone at MBc is "depriving" you of anything, these guys just want to maintain a structured database of usable (and searchable) info about one specific subject.

    honestly, we've always been glad to see new arrivals, but what the heck is up with this 'tude of entitlement? and why all the digs at people who GIVE YOU many hours of free time because they wanna help others?

    so, please show some respect for Tom and the guys, because they've been strong enuff to express themselves AND they've been determined enuff to stand by it, sometimes at great cost...do you have any idea how much it s*cks to come in here in the morning and start to work, and find YET ANOTHER personal insult about how you're doing the job?

    it s*cks a BUNCH, i tellya whut.

    (despite appearances, this isn't a jab at anyone personally, but a jab at the social trend to think everything within your sight is yours to do as you will with. well, i'm here to tell friend & "foe" alike...that just ain't so..."extreme ego's" and "elitism" indeed...guilty as charged, just like YOU)
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    hope your not talking about the cc.seems tom has been enjoying that a little too.i know ive helped people out quite a bit on here.if you go look i have 2 bikes on here that people could use as a guide to building there own bike.you never seen me try to capitalize on any of my ideals on here.it gets to be the same old same old when youve been here awhile.we just like to have a little conflict every now and then.
    i get tired of the"new guy here just built my first bike"then i look and its another chinese frame mount which i dont like in the first place[sorry].so i say welcome to the site and thats it.

    so if i understood you right you want me to come cut your lawn right?OK
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    LOL...yes, if you wanna come cut the grass, you can use the 12.5HP craftsman rider. good luck getting keve to give it up.

    i totally know about "what's the best and where do i get it?" getting old, but it seems a peril that no forum ever has been able to avoid. i think the combustion chamber is a great idea, i'll refrain from looking or taking part, but i completely respect the concept of it's existance.

    honestly, i wasn't addressing a person but a trend...

    i'm sure there's a way to stir things up once in a while without (publicly) insulting the guys, tho, because they don't deserve it.
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    your right there.although i havent heard any insults towards owner/moderators of the site since the cc opened up.i think everyones kinda enjoying the freedom.but like tom said im not interested in filling the cc with newbs.i like it the way it is right now.
  5. Happy Valley

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    You miss augi's point then, entitlement that insists the site be something other than what it's intended for. We were all "new guys" once and there are dozens of other sites on the web dedicated to the any particular conflict you may enjoy.
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    Well at least, for those of us that are possessed by demons, we have a place to keep us from the mainstream. A place to keep our dark side safely locked away from normal people. In lucid moments we will venture into the outside world, we all still love MB and like to talk about them. When the demons begin fighting to get out, we slink back into our little hole, safe from the torches and pitchforks. Have mercy on our poor wretched souls.
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    "demons" is a subject i could definitely discuss with you all day...luckily for me it's the MB itself what chases 'em away once in a while, i guess i'm saying i relate in my individual way to your post..

    oh, yeah, i'm an animated guy alright...never able to be clear AND concise at the same time...sometimes i miss on both counts...

    just i wish so many folks wouldn't direct insults at my friends is all, or make them work harder by pushing the envelope...they do a lot for a lot of people, so altho the place isn't what (or everything) you'd like it to be, wouldn't it be cooler to just appreciate what MBc does offer, and the people who keep it stable enough to be effective?

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  8. Mountainman

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    not sure what brought all of this on augi
    and up here on the mountain top it don't really matter
    some of the THINGS that I have printed were not meant to be taken straight to one's heart
    I have much respect for site owners and leaders here
    true I am a retired Equip Tec who would never read the instructions before assembling
    this has gotten me into trouble many times in life

    sounds like you are a little disapointed here ??
    well I have had my moments also
    like when a while back TOM had his motor bike stolen
    I made a suggestion that we all chip in some money and buy him a new one
    I was wanting to start the fund with -- can't remember -- either 50 or 25 dollars
    man there was not a sound heard from anyone around here !!!!!!!!!!

    I may say the wrong THINGS often
    but when confronted I wish to man up

    now a while back I invited you and others augi down to my place for MB riding
    free camping in our yard -- full hook ups and jacuzzi with view for free
    that still stands
    have never thought different
    if I did I would put it right out front -- it's the mMountain way

    wishing you and ALL others here on site the best
    hey we know eack other pretty well by now
    all of this don't add up to much
    important -- family and friends
    I consider ALL here my friend until they tell me to my face different
    and I can even handle that one

    the very ((FEW times)) that one's here have pm ed me with some bs about someone here
    I don't even pay it any attention
    and don't reply back to them
    I will tell you how far gone from my mind such THINGS are
    I don't even have a clue who e-mailed me ???

    life is too short to be playing games
    married now
    but in my last years of dating
    no games just put the true THING out there
    best way to get the THINGS we need and want........

    as we ride those motor bike THINGS
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  9. augidog

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    MM...thank you. i am too easily confused sometimes, and silence at my requests for clarity only confounds me all the more...and that some will utilize my confusion to make matters even worse, sheesh that's way more than i can cope with. sometimes an "issue" will jump from topic to topic, little remarks here and there, dangling threads & doubts arise...so i ask, directly, and i only do that with people important to me. thank you for the PM, too.

    but as i said, this post addresses a trend and not a person, it's not a new thing but i feel it needs to be looked at once in a while.

    your reply makes some good points, but like you i may feel as if the statements are personal...so i'll say this in the open once:

    Tom has always had a standing offer from me for whatever MB-help i can be, the help is in the form of deep discounts from my professional affiliation. the offer is genuine & sincere...i just didn't feel a need to make it public & put him "on the spot" so to speak.

    again, this wasn't directed at you, or any individual...but a reminder to the reader that a domain-owner has the absolute right to run his house as he sees fit.