What time is it....REALLY?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Zev0, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Many of you will soon be adjusting your clocks either one hour ahead or one hour back, depending on your location. And I am yet again reminded that no one really knows for sure what year it is.

    Arguably the majority of the world recognizes it as the year 2,010 (2010). But this is completely based on the religious belief on when a single "religious being" lived & died. But this of course take out of count, the many years before this "believed" being lived or died.

    Upon further reflection GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, established since 1884) has been replaced with UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, established since 1972). And it is worth noting that this UTC is based partly with UT (Universal Time), to which there are arguably 6 version of (UT1, UT0, UT1R, UT2, UT2R, UTC).

    On top of all this... Not every county in the world adjust their clocks back & forth. Some keep a continued time all year around.

    To make up for this lost time, we of course have added the idea of a "leap year" in which every 4 years we add an extra day. But if you do the math, that "leap year" does not fully account for every last second & as time continues to add... Those seconds become minutes, hours, days....And of course, what about all the years before the calender included a "leap year"....

    So what time is it?

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    The true time is Local Noon Time, where noon is the exact moment that the sun is highest in the sky where you are.
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    Time is an illusion, a product of our limited ability to comprehend the reality in which we exist. There is no past, and there is no future - nor is there any way to prove or disprove their existence.

    There is only the eternal now in which our consciousness resides. All else is but imagination.
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    What he said!

    If time is only a concoction of the human mind, to explain the universe in keeping with our limited existence, then what is the effect on Physical Law based on time as a constituent component. Could everything that we think we know about existence and the Universe, actually be wrong?????
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    The older I get, the more I hate DST.
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    Excellent Dave.
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    I don't know what time it is.... but it's been dark outside for a while.
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    4:20 and headed for duskness - until Dec 21.....it will suck.....
  11. give me vtec

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    if there is no time... then what speeds up when you approach an object of significant mass???
  12. give me vtec

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    ... or when you approach the speed of light????
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    The speed of light is based upon time is it not. If time is an illusion, then the speed of light is an illusion.
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    Our perceptions/interpretations are inherently limited, and limited to a very narrow band of possible perceptions and an even more narrow group of possible interpretations. We are perceptually and interpretatively constrained into an apparent cause/effect version of reality.

    Which is NOT in fact the limits to reality, and there are well-known violations of such cause/effect consensual reality interpretations throughout all of observed phenomena. Perhaps the best known is "fire walking", wherein persons voluntarily enter into direct physical contact with massive objects at seriously elevated temperatures - hot enough to cause contact 3rd degree charring of raw meat, in an atmosphere heated to lethal levels, remain therein far longer than would be expected to result is severe burns and/or death, and suffer no burns or pulmonary scorching at all.

    Why are they not burned? An excellent question, to which diverse answers have been proposed. In the end, it appears to be because they believed they would not be burned, and therefore were not. This is NOT third hand anecdotal "stories" - I have personally witnessed and participated in such. A most peculiar thing, actually.

    I do not pretend to have any enlightenment to offer, nor do I consider that my understanding of events and perceptual reality is in any wise complete. I do assert, as demonstrable fact, that we ARE limited in our perception of reality, that those limitations DO effect our interpretation of observed phenomena, and that to claim otherwise is the very height of folly. I will further assert that to ascribe to some outside agency the power to grant such apparent suspension of physical reality is also folly - such is not needed, rather, what is needed is an acknowledgement that WE DO NOT KNOW.
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    As human beings, there are certain limits upon our ability to logically observe the Universe. We use the word "immortal" but in reality have no sense of what the word is actually describing, the same is true of "infinity", we have a definition but it's one we really can never come in contact with. Do we acknowledge time because it is a reality or because we can only comprehend a reality that contains time. Human beings are mortal, therefore time dependent, everywhere we look, in every corner of the Universe, we see time, because without it our Universe would be incomprehensible.

    If there were a Universe that contained no human beings, would that Universe also contain no time? If you can glimpse such a Universe by allowing ones mind to go where there is no comprehending, then you will be in a place where all physical laws, as we understand them, break down and scenarios that we can't fully comprehend are commonplace.

    I need a drink.
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    Kerf ..I will have a beer..is it 9:45 or 10:45?
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    My computer is indicating that it is 9:20 PM. I went to bed at 2:00 AM this morning, that was really 1:00 AM this morning or midnight on the west coast. Regardless, 5 hours sleep ain't gonna get it so kerf will retire early tonight and see if tomorrow looks better.

    Then we can discuss the paradox of Universal expansion vs Universal age and just how it got around the prohibition of exceeding light speed due to requiring infinite energy. I really believe that the more we learn, the further we get from the total knowledge of the Universe.
  18. SimpleSimon

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    The most certain sign of wisdom.
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    you guys can stop with the time mystical nonsense... it exists and it is measurable. Not only that, it must be compensated for on the international space station. The clock moves slower in orbit than on earth.

    Simon... as to the fire-walking... there is science to it, and an explanation. Mythbusters did a show on it. I suggest youtubing it.
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    Thank you. I know this is a MB board....but time exists, even if man didn't.