Tires What tires do you ride on?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by mcassMB6, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Just curious- what tires is everyone riding on? I picked up a pair of Nashbar tires that are a combo between low profile and knobby. 26" x 1.95"

    I'm hoping that these will give me a little less rolling resitance while keeping good contact with the road.

  2. I'm just glad they hold air!
    My tires I really don't pay any attention to. On my rack mount Cronus bike,the tires are stock. On my 2 stroke MOOP bike they are the Wally World tires.
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    26X2.25 mtn bike tires
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    I'm riding on bell 26x1.75 kevlar reinforced comfort bike tires now. They're a bit narrow for my tastes as they don't perform well on loose terrain. They are great for the road though so I'm keeping them on there until they wear out or I have to take off my wheels for some reason. I'll be switching to MTB 26x2+ with a fairly smooth tread.
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    bare bone sliks like the world fastest indian type tire
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    Whatever fits/hard rubbish, but tubes are new.

    Sometimes I've had to get angle grinder and trim the sides of back tyre if it rubbed due to those off road types.
    Can't work out why some people throw out relatively good tyres though.
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    Are you talking about the Kenda K-Rads? If so, those are the tires I use on my freestyle MTB, the traction on most surfaces is great. The sidewalls are a little thin, but if you keep the air psi up they are great tires. I run 80 psi front and rear for my trick riding, but 45-60 should be good for a MB i suppose.
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    no i mean it is as slik as a table its just like a board track tire but i cant find them any more for some od reason
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    I use kenda flames
    nice round profile for cornering and they wear well (over 3k miles on 'em)
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    These are high on my list for my new E-Zip Maxxis Hookworm Free Ride Bike Tire - 26 x 2.5 - TB74255100 at Amazon.

    turbo- i thought i saw slicks the 1st week i was doin research, about 3 months ago. the hook worm is closest thing i can find now
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