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    I'm a person that travel daily 50 km (2 x25 km) to the company I work and back.
    To be fresh (not sweaty) in company I need something that will push my bicycle. On my way back I have another requirement: engine is not necessary - peddaling is a must.
    My other requirements are following (if possible):
    - 4 stroke engine like subaru-robin, etc
    - no dual suspenssion bike, miuntain bike is not a must might be trekking,
    - engine using bicycle gear (if possible)
    - no drag (from motor system) when peddaling!!!!
    - price - doesn't matter

    So pls advise what should I look for to fullfill my requirements.

    thanks in advance

  2. mlcorson

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    Glad you asked! If reliability is an issue I would recommend this. My bike is a Schwinn Skyliner, Walmart $150, A Staton, Inc. gear drive, Staton, freewheel hub-wheel/rim, and a Robin/Subaru 33cc 4 cycle engine. Engine starts first time every time. Runs quiet. Bike freewheels to pedal anytime you want with no engine drag. My speed range is easily to 30mph, but I run mostly at 20-25. The only thing missing from your list is the engine using bicycle gears. The bike can be pedaled in any gear, but the engine only drives through the single gear drive. I used a woman's frame as I wanted to be able to step through to mount and dismount. I'm short 5'-7", so the frame size is still ok for me. The quality is all around outstanding and the maintenance is simple after install. I would buy a new bike, a new Staton hub/wheel and the motor and gear box kit. I'll try to post pics.

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    what do you think abount nuvonci hub?
    what is the weight of this system - heared this is very heavy - do you fill it while peddaling?
    what is the size of the wheels?
    is it possible to start ride the bicycle only using engine or you have to support with peddaling

  4. mlcorson

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    I don't know anything about the Nuvinci hub, I'll have to leave that to others to comment on. If cost is not a factor, that very well may be a useful option.
    The wheels are 26".
    As for the weight, the bike by itself is relatively heavy and the motor adds about 15lbs. Total about 45lbs.
    Depending on the physical shape you're in, this could be a factor when pedaling. You could always choose a lighter bike to mount your engine on.
    You don't ever need to pedal if you don't want to, as the motor has plenty of power to propel you in most situations. I sometimes pedal going up a hill because I like to get a bit of exercise while riding.
    The motor uses a "automatic" centrifugal clutch and is independent of the bike until you apply enough throttle to automatically engage the clutch when accelerating. You start it by pulling a starting rope.
    You're on the right track, but you're going to need to become more familiar with some of these motorized bike concepts and try to gain a better understanding of how these bikes work before making a major purchase decision. All told, I'm into this bike and motor for about $800. After a lot of research on this site, I feel I made the right choice on this setup and I love virtually everything about it. Hope this helps.
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    yes -- and he has a new bolt on version out
    THING looks to be pretty fast in the video
    his pricing seems to be more than fair

    ride that THING sideways
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    thanks a lot for your replies.
    Because of 25 km on my way back using only pedals I prefer staton, but of course I'm very open for criticizm and advise.
    On the staton page I found solution with nuvinci, there is also nice gallery where I found this:

    Is than man on our forum to get some feedback from him especially on nuvinci (maybe this solution is not so good like standard gear and shifting system?)

    Buy the way customer service in staton is not so effective - asked some questions and there is silence

  8. Mountainman

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    been told that the nuvinci set up may not be legal in some states ???

    we have heard that a few times around here
    if you know what you want from Staton
    just order it -- it will come...

    ride that THING sideways
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    I have an aluminum frame Hybrid 21-speed (Trek) with a Honda GXH50cc driving a Staton inside drive gear box mounted behind the seat as seen in the photos above. It also sports the HD clutch assembly. Only I built my own mounting hardware instead of using the provided parts. It's a really nice set up if you de-govern the engine after the break-in procedure. I remounted the fuel tank over the gear box to lower the profile. I made careful not to mount it lower than the carb fuel inlet, to maintain proper gravity fuel feed to the float chamber on the carb. Looks cool. It has been reliable in my case since the beginning. I would say the Staton offerings are pretty good. It lives up to my expectations to the point I now have to consider a braking system upgrade.
    The only real work to perform is regular spoke adjustments (2 to 5 usually loosen up a tad) after each run and a drive chain tension-check and adjust. I Loc-Tited all the bolts during assembly along with installing Heli-Coils into the tapped holes that were drilled for the installation procedure. So everything has seemed to remained tight so far.
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    There is no system out there that is heavier than Staton plus Nuvinci. That would be around 30lbs total.

    Staton is nice and Nuvinci is nice but weight wise its not the way to go. GEBE is light....about 12-14 LBS total.
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    Can you place photo of your bicycle?
  12. tostos

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    Can you place a photo of your bicycle?
    Do you have standard or reinforced spokes and rim?
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    I have limited time but I will try to get something together if it will assist you, I promise.
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    Except for the "true freewheeling" requirement.....I'd go with Staton (and DID) for this reason alone....unless you feel like pedaling less than 8mph or removing the belt each time you plan on pedaling.

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    thanks a lot for all of your opinions.
    If anybody can share opinions concerning nuvinci hub it works when peddaling and using the engine I would be greatfull.

    I don't know where to find opinion concernig it

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    Given your requirement to disengage the engine and pedal home, you want to keep your bike as light as possible. The Golden Eagle Bike Engines (GEBE) kit is about as light as you will find. I have the Tanaka 32 kit, and it added about 14lbs to my bike. You can really feel the extra weight. Adding Adding another 15 or more pounds with the gear drive and Nuvinci hub will have you working way too hard, and it will take the fun out of it. You might even give up and just motor home.

    Disengaging the belt on a GEBE kit takes about 30 seconds. You can secure the belt out of the way easily and you will have no drag at all.

    The kit is pretty easy to install, it's reliable, and the Tanaka 32cc or Robin 35cc kits are very quiet. My Tanaka 32 does 30mph (48kph) easily.

    Golden Eagle Bike Engines
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    Mike, I think you may be under estimating the weight of your MB a bit.

    Your Schwinn most likely weighs 45 lbs. all on its own. The motor and everything else will about about 20 lbs. All in all, you are looking at 65 lbs. at least
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    I'd say that's a more accurate guess. The bike had a shipping weight of 41lbs, with the box. Minus the box, add engine and gear box...pretty close to 60-65lb. I just put a friction drive with a R/S 35cc engine on a Specialized hybrid frame. Wow! really handles like a sports car in comparison.