What to do about my Wheel?

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    The bearings on the rear wheel on my schwinn stingray chopper are busted and i need a new one. I can't find a decent priced wheel in my area and the ones on ebay are way too much. so my questions are, should I find a new read hub, if I can and just swap them? or are there other wheels that will fit the schwinn stingray choppers? keep in mind I have a 5hp engine on my bike and am curently in the process of getting it all to work so i need something that will hold up.(the stock wheel held up find to an extent). mostly just keeping my options open and seeing whats out there. All opinons are welcome.

    Thanks you

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    That was just showing you that bearings are replaceable. My suggestion (I have both types of choppers) is to call a bicycle shop and ask if they have bearings for YOU'RE bike. Bearings are not expensive.
    Brass ring? on what page....?

    Whole rear wheel...
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    What only smashed bearrings??? ........big deal........It could very well be that the reason you're smashing bearings all the time is because those TYPE of chopper bikes are not built to take a 5hp. .....thats allot of weight. It's really good to see that those WHEELS are tough enough to handle it.

    I have a REAR MOUNT 48cc chain drive system and I'm always checkin them,I have not had to replace them yet. I keep always keep a couple of 100 brand new spare ones pluss I also have tons of used good ones common out of my ears.

    When you replace them, make sure that u clean out the inside of the hub where they go,and do taht really well, clean everythiong super well .
    What I like to do is soak them in a little 90wt gear oil...athen I coat the hubs with new clean grease and the outer cones... then when I insert the bearsings I pour the tiny little bit of oil left in with the system.
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    The bearings went out before I put the motor on.

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    I'm not sure where brass came from but there is no brass anywhere on any wheel. Just get new wheel bearings and re-pack with heavy grease, preferably real wheel bearing grease(for a car).
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    I don't know about any brass ring in an o.c.c. rear wheel.
    Brass is too soft for any kind of bicycle wheels innards.