what to do when engine shifts ?

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    I have a Zoomcycle engine and a Kings 36 rear sprocket with a SBP pipe. The problem I get is that the engine "shifts" top the left side making the chain go slack. My engine works flawlessly It start in a second and idles without a problem, But its no good if I can't have it stay were it is. Is there a torc setting for the frame mount so I know how much is enough?:-/

    Mike Frye

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    Well, you're not going to want to torque the stock bolts very much. Stripping the threads will be likely.

    It almost sounds as if your bike's tubes are a bit too narrow for your mounts. Maybe you could shim them with sections cut out of an old inner tube.
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    What kind of bike is it mike?
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    Since I had the same problem, and I refuse to torque the mounting studs over 50 inch pounds, I made this mod. Have 250 miles on this mod and haven't so much as needed to put a wrench to the mounts. The "L" bracket is held in place with all thread and locked with nuts as shown, nothing else, and it won't budge.

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