What trunk racks work well to carry these on a car?


Modern Irishman

I bought a Bell 2 bicycle trunk rack to carry this on the car and don't feel very secure with it. Just seems kinda flimsy and the straps for the bike are velcro.

I'm wondering if people have car carriers they have had a good experience with? Also any that lift the bike higher in the air so I don't get pulled over by a ticket happy cop because the engine obstructs the license plate?

The car is an 03' Mitsubishi Gallant. The bike is an old single speed Schwinn with an 80cc kingsmotorbikes.com kit on it, about to have several upgrades from dax after I ordered a new fuel petcock from kings and it's nothing like it shows on the website.


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12:44 AM
Sep 30, 2006
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I have the 2 and the 3 bike carriers, and the 2 sure works BETTER than the 3, thats for sure, the velcro on the 3 also connects to the side/bottom together, a tough thing to keep tight.

Bell 2 is the "minimum", in price, but the rubbery red cradles rip pretty easily when you pull the velcro strap through them.

I'll give them a thumbs down, but what can I expect for $25.