What type bike to use?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jezusjonz, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. jezusjonz

    jezusjonz Guest

    My question for anyone is what type bike to look at for my first ride. Mainly a multi speed caliper brake set up or a single speed coaster brake set up. I see both type used from all the great posts on here that Im just a bit confused. I have my new motor in my garage waiting for me to make up my mind.
    I went and met a man that was advertising balloon tire bikes for sell. Went there and he had some I wouldnt give two bucks for bikes outside. Then he goes I have some inside too walked in the door and he had somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 or more pre war bikes mostly schwinns with price tags on them. He said they were for sell but he never takes them out to sell them. Prices from as low as 150 to maybe 350 not bad prices. I didnt check them all but I seen enough springers and tanks to wish he would adopt me. Am I too old at 45 to be adopted?? Sorry to get off subject but I was thinking one of those would be nice for my second one.
    Thanks for any wisdom on this

  2. wayde

    wayde Guest

    i'm fairly new here too but from what I can tell the bike choice is all a matter of preference and what suites your purpose the best, I ride back and forth to work but alway's manage to deviate onto some sort of trail there fore i use a mountain bike, others seem to like to cruise around off the trails and for that the choppers would seem more comfortable and have a certain "COOL" factor involved( my next to be a chopper) hope I helped a little. I can not believe your motor is waiting for you I wasn't away from the ups truck before i was opening everything and trying to figure out where to start
  3. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    The Comfort Factor is Most Important!
  4. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest


    Use a bike that has enough room for the motor..Of course... Handles well.. Stops great number 1.. And is comfortable. That means to stay away from Huffy.. Typically.. Enjoy the ride..
  5. jezusjonz

    jezusjonz Guest

    Yes I figured comfort was No1 but from what Ive read over the month or so lurking and being a member No1 is stopping!..lol Ive been looking at 26" Men's Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser Bike the two Marts sell them one a 7 speed and one a single so I guess its between calipers and coaster or a parachute??
    thanks again for any input
  6. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Single speed/coaster brakes have two main deficits.

    Caliper brakes give you more ability to manipulate de-celleration, I "slow down" with my right hand/rear brake, "hard stop" with my left/front, but sometimes gently slide to a stop with my feet, maybe next to a curb.

    And with calipers, look for the ones that operate seperately, clinched by the cable on each side of the forks, rather than the ones joined in the middle with the long fender bolt.

    I've got mental block this morning, a brake specialist should chime in and help me with the official name, the difference between cheap WallyWorld calipers and the better brand that Diamondbacks and Sun's use.

    The second deficit of single speeds is when you are going up a hill or grade.

    Your peddling has to wait a lot longer, momentum a lot slower, before you can assist the engine.

    For comparison, I'd guestimate you could assist a single speed at 15-17 mph, a 7 speed at 23-25 mph, and when I get this 21 speed geezerbike on the road, there may be the possibility I won't be able to keep up with the engine in 21st gear.

    On your looking for the "next" bike, my bikeshop guy picked up a Schwinn Black Phantom from the 1950's for $300, had it re-chromed and finished, and it is on display, hanging in the window with a $3,500 price tag (he really don't want to sell it).

    That search could be a treasure hunt, take pix of your top 5 out of the guys collection, and post them here, there are plenty of knowledgable vintage/heritage folks to help you choose.

    Final word about comfort.

    Once you start using 12" gel saddles, there is no going back to the 10's or smaller sizes, I've found that out.
  7. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I just noticed my posting odometer rolled over to 1000

    And I wasted it on an incomplete reply, sorry !!

    There is also a "boredom" factor on single speeds, since you can't rotate your pedals backwards every now and then, either to stretch your muscles on an all day haul in long-distance touring, or as an optical illusion when crossing an intersection, viewing public has to stop and figure out how you are going so fast peddling backwards.

    HOWEVER, and this has happened to me twice, once in Kansas and once in S. Alabama, both times "days" before I got near a bikeshop for repair.

    Sun's kickstands seem to be made of "pig metal", so when you are backing up the bike, the peddle spins backwards, usually when it hits the kickstand you realize it, but if it is REALLY EARLY, and you are camping without fire (no coffee), SNAP !

    You now own 2 kickstands, one a 2 inch nub attached to the bike, the other a 15 inch peice that flew into your front spokes with a resounding "clunk".
  8. jezusjonz

    jezusjonz Guest

    Well heres what Im going to do....slowly

    I have a Schwinn beach cruiser coming that Im going to slowly make look somewhat like the Emblem Single. I just love the looks of this antique. But I plan on getting up and in good safe running condition then start making some of the small pieces...filler panel behind the seat post, the kickstand , seat (gel 12) Im with ya Bama)moved back but just little things here and there that will give me the taste of the Emblem. Its going to be a long winter and I got a big garage and vacation every other week...:grin: So IM sure I'll be yanking on some strings asking for the great help that seems everyone shares here freely and without ever making you feel dumb.
    god Im glad I found this place!!!!!!

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  9. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Man that emblem bike is BAD!
    Count the springs under the seat. It looks like 5 counting the leaf.
    I gotta get or build one like that.
    Thanks for the pic, man.
  10. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    I have that schwinn as well; you'll need to fab some kind of extension for your front mount, around 2" in length. I carved a wood block to shape to use as a model for an aluminum billet which I'll have made at a machine shop.
  11. jezusjonz

    jezusjonz Guest

    Thanks Jim for the info sounds like were going to be going down the same road. If you ever get any pic's of the bracket could you let me take a peek?
    I was planing on making some type of ridged motor mounts for it after I wear the new off it. Just want a safe daily driver that i can enjoy till the winter tells me no more. Im running out of time fast.
  12. Replicating the "Emblem Single"

    Hi Jezusjonz, I've been on the quest to have the antique motorcycle style for about 6 years. If you search out my posts, you'll see my 08 Racer prototype, and I think a production 08, my 09 prototype, and my model 10 prototype.

    I have heard rumours that my Model 10 Production run will be showing a bakers dozen of chassis on about the 20th of September. I'm very excited about this, at last a professional motorcycle frame manufacturer will again be building drop-loop veteran Motorcycle chassis. I do not think that has happened in this country since the mid 1920's.

    I just finished shaping the headpipe for the OHV exposed pushrod, exposed rocker engine that will power the Model 09 Prototype bike. My machinst calls it the BTR engine. We do have videos of engine #1 running, and doing a hill climb (on asphalt). I've yet to fire mine up (#2), as it is part of this build.

    I've designed a period muffler (early Indian style), and a cute lil brass breather pot, I have Sediment bowls, colored Cloth covered primary, and High voltage leads, Pre-war red tires, Worksman has just created a new part number for me so we can (for the first time) have steel rims with the stainless spokes (.120 spokes).

    This may be the most exciting time for the Motorbicycle in America since the pre-1960's, since that's when Whizzer stopped full production Motor Bicycles.

    Feel free to PM, Email, or call me if I can help you in your quest.

  13. jezusjonz

    jezusjonz Guest

    After reading your post Mike I just had to sit here (with a big dumb smile) and take it all in. From the guys/gals that build the full blown customs to the making the best with what we have everyone gives to everyone in there own way...on here and I think its great. Probably the first one that I have ever come across in my 11 years on the net. But we have a antique auto hill climb here every year that just gets bigger that I hope to get my first one done by and ride to. So thanks for the good words and keep up the great work so I have more to admire...