What type of helmet do you wear

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Ozi, May 2, 2011.

  1. Ozi

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    Safety is very Important to me when I ride my MB. The helmet I was wearing started falling apart and just didnt feel safe so..... I went all out and bought one of these bad boys :cool:

    just wanted to share my excitement. It'll take a little to get used to and the wife now calls me egghead :goofy: but man It feels really safe... It's great.

    I cant wait to go for a ride :helmet:

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  2. xxSLiMxx

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    I wear a DOT approved dirt bike helmet. $80.00 at Walmart.

  3. motorpsycho

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  4. MikeJ

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    Ozi -

    Wear that helmet! Forget the remarks from the fun ribbing. Point out the regrets from riders of no helmets who took a spill. There are several that can be found on this forum. I can't recall even straddling my bike without a helmet on my head.

  5. retromike3

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    helmet: good idea

    I just wear a Gero bicycle helmet. I don't have much side vision so I like to hear what's coming around.

  6. I dont wear a helmet even though I should....I just think it looks goofy wearing a helmet on a bicyle....Man im living life dangerously....
  7. Blues88s

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  8. Ozi

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  9. DuctTapedGoat

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    I wear a leather jacket, no helmet. It may sound stupid, but helmets interfere with myself being able to be aware of my surroundings - both visually and audially, which I feel poses a greater hazard of simple dangers that I can better easily avoid.
  10. bluegoatwoods

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    I have two. And I wear them, I'll confess, more for comfort than safety. (though the safety thing is a plus, of course)

    They're both 3/4 helmets. More round than streamlined. Some breather holes, but not as many as you see on some helmets. Think of a skateboard helmet and you've got the idea.
    I attached bills to both, to keep the Sun out of my eyes.

    One is black. I filled the breather holes with foam rubber and sealed with silicone caulking. That's my warm, weather-proof winter helmet.

    The other is white with the breather holes open. This is my summer helmet. Keeps that Sun from cooking my (already half-baked) brain.

    The only time that I don't wear them is short neighborhood rides.
  11. wbuttry

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    i wear a regular bicycle helmet and on occation i wear a skaters helmet thats it
  12. bomble37

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    this one is sweet too
  13. loquin

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    Yeah... But, nothin' stealthy about that helmet!:jester:
  14. Ya,I think the skaters helmet looks alot cooler than a bicyle helmet....
  15. Happy Valley

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    DOT skid lid.
  16. RedBaronX

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    this looks a lot like mine (shape anyway) except mine is not leather covered.

    As an automobile driver, I always try to be aware of motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters, and to give them respect, but if I see someone riding who is also wearing a helmet and safety gear, I always like to think they are less likely to make bad choices-- unlike the kid in shorts and tennis shoes screaming down the freeway on a crotch rocket...
  17. lowracer

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    Whats a helmet?
    I wear one when I ride my pedal only bikes, but on the MB's I only wear a ballcap.
    I know it makes no sense.
  18. Wooddogg

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    I just went to eBay and bought a Schwinn Helmet, black to match the Beachcruiser. Thx for the advice to wear one.
  19. I wear a Giro Mad Max full face carbon fiber helmet. Bought it for DH biking, but it seems good for a motorized bike too.

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  20. Wooddogg

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