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    Ive been on this site for hours on end researching stuff on my 80cc kit from biketomopedkit.com. I thought now is the time that I joined to see if there is anyone else in K-zoo Michigan who has purchased one of these kits and is currently riding around the streets!
    I bought and mounted the kit about 2 months ago on an early 90's Nishiki mountain bike that I got for free from a buddy a long time ago(I was too drunk to drive, so he just gave me the bike!).
    I dont know about anybody else, but I am almost burned out working on this **** thing!!! It took me a month and a half just to get the motor tweaked and jetted properly so it would rev out at WOT! I put a K&N on her and she hated it! And with all the hours in the garage throwing tools and swearing at the top of my lungs, it was just the air filter that needed to be changed.
    Now she will almost do fourty on flat ground and screams like a rented mule!
    Is there anyone else in k-zoo with one of these little pains in the rears??? I thought I saw one going down West Main a couple of weeks ago....I could of been wrong though....

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    Welcome aboard.

    I don't know of anyone in Kalamazoo. But there's a member here from Grand Rapids. And a few other Michinganders.


    I feel like I am the only one out and about here! I get some sarcasim from fellow workers and a lot of twister necks from motorist! No run-ins with the police yet.... a couple of weeks ago I was riding home from work and counted eleven cops scattered all over my route! Not one stopped me...
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    Ah, Kalamazoo, I lived there up until about 1993 or so. Good times, good times. Seems like the common complaint on these motors is that they are lots of work. At least we've got websites to help us out.
    Cheers, Geoff
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    Hope you get it running sweet. I've tinkered with the 80's and for what they are worth I ripped mine out. I've had far better reliability with the 48cc 2 stroke and with a few mods it goes harder than my 80 ever went. If you still have any patience left with the 80 you have come to the right place to help get it sorted. Hang in there!:grin: