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    I've found an '02 Pacemaker II with 715 miles on Craig's list. I know it will need the mushroom lifters but I don't know what else I'd be getting into if I bought the bike. Can anyone please tell me what other problems I'd be buying and need to fix before I can make this into a reliable machine? (Having been to a couple of the Isleton Whizz Ins I know there's nothing like riding a Whizzer!) Thanks.

  2. 02 Whizzer

    Hi I was at those Whiz-ins myself, tho I do not know you by your nickname. I'm the guy with the Red Boardtrack bike. Then these lat two meets my EZBike

    The Whizzer you named will be a WC1 model, and here is the least I would do to make a good machine out of it.

    NE5 Parts:
    head gasket
    base gasket
    Head and Barrel bolts
    2 exhaust gaskets
    1 Graphite gasket
    Possibly rings

    Good to have, as these often tear in the work
    side cover gasket,
    compression cover gasket

    Need to make
    1/4 inch thick or so Ex manifold spacer
    drill out the threads in the carb, as it slides on the NE model

    You will NOT need lifters with the stock WC1 cam, and the bike will run real nice.

    I can check and see how much of this I have in stock, as some of these parts are already hard to get.
    you'll find my number on my website, if you do not already have it. Or if you wish to call and talk.
    Mike Simpson

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  3. Quenton Guenther

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    Plan on spending from $375.00 to $466.xx on the upgrade

    Have fun,
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    Hi, Motorbikemike and Quenton "Lee" Guenther.
    Thanks for the valuable advice. One more question though, how dependable or how many miles can I reasonably expect from a bike that has the upgrades before it will need repairs on the engine/drivetrain? I really appreciate you advice.
    p.s. Mike, I'm one of the guys who came up to the Isleton Whizz-In from So Cal with our mopeds.
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  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi motman812,

    Sadly the issue isn't how many miles you can get on the WC-1 motor, but how many upgrade parts are currently available.

    Normally my WC-1 motors lasted between 400 and 500 miles. In order to make the current setup last longer I have been told if the motor is used for short runs, never overheat, and "babying" the motor [riding 15 to 20 MPH] some have lasted over 1000 miles [I have never seen one personally].

    Once the motor is upgraded with the NE parts it should last a very long time, I have several with well over 6000 miles on each and I treated them poorly.

    Assuming the bike has the slip clutch the drive should be basically trouble free.

    I don't know if I have enough parts to assemble another kit, but if Mike can't help you let me know and I will see if I can make another [I have upgraded over 300 motors in the last 5 years].

    Have fun,