what would i want with 2 ht's

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by runnamuc, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. runnamuc

    runnamuc New Member

    well one for the road and one for the dirt. thats what i told my wife and it worked. yip yah

  2. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    The only problem with owning 2 MBs is that you can only ride one at a time.
  3. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    But it's great when your bro or friend flies in from out of town.
  4. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    Had mine up and running for 29 days. My son wants to build one and I feel a "need" for another too. Mine is a sort of timeless old-looking cruiser, now I "need" a board track racer with a cool tank and laid back saddle.
  5. runnamuc

    runnamuc New Member

    my plan is one for the road and one for the dirt
    the plan is to put a larger cog on so i can hopefully get some sideways action.
    i get that on my roady but only when i dont want it.
    road tyres on wet grass = bad
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  6. Clotho

    Clotho Member

    Owning several motorized bikes is alot like having a stable of horses. (Without the feeding/manure etc.) My roomate has 3 horses herself so I know how true this is.

    Every bike rides differently and they are often suited to different purposes.

    I have the Felt for the joy of the ride and sunny day cruises.

    I have a workhorse mountain bike with fenders and bags for wetter days or when I need to haul cargo (usually groceries)

    I have my 49cc cruiser which I don't ride as much anymore but I still love her and take her out from time to time. It helps remind me of what I started with.

    Up until recently I had a 10speed style "City Pounder" with the 700c wheels that was scary fast to ride but alot of fun. Also alot of work having no suspension. Half an hour on it made your arms numb. I sold it to a friend who is now enjoying her.
  7. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    I agree, one for the road and one for the dirt. Here is my stable.

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  8. HoughMade

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    There's this:

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  9. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    good question.sounds like twice the work to me.
  10. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Owning 2 sounds like a 24/7 job to me. (JK) I must be one of the lucky ones ive got almost 3400 mi without touching anything yet. I should be in Ripley's believe it or not. Also, you guys have some sweet dirt bikes.
  11. runnamuc

    runnamuc New Member

    its a good idea to have a spare and many a day i've wanted to work on my roady and found nothing to do so hopefully a second bike will keep me inspired