what would you do?

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what will you do?!

  1. give up and get the dole.

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  2. look elsewhere, let it go (if paid)

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  3. try to reconcile (if paid) and keep job

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  4. go back to old job for more pay, closer to home.

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  5. shrug, look elsewhere (if unpaid)

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  6. get legal (if unpaid)

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  1. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    i havent been working for 3 months. lazy! just got my license back. 650 is a big change from 50! :jester:

    started a new job as of last monday. full time.

    pretty simple work, cruisy, nice area, about an hours commute away, not too bad...close to the beach! omg, eyecandy! :whistling:

    fairly organised place it seemed. friendly guys to work with.

    so yeah, weeks work, cool. get paid on friday. (thursday night).

    didnt check my balance friday morn, so didnt know...

    come saturday, i planned on buying new tyres for my motorbike, a necessity.

    checked my account.

    find no change to my balance from a few days ago...very very low :(

    havent been paid. so i got nearly bald tyres on my bike, no money...um...hmmm. yet im working...hello?

    would you go back on the following monday?

    i did. eventually. went and sat on a beach til they called me, asked where i was, to which of course, i said "havent been paid, no fuel. cant get there"

    silence. said hed go talk to the boss about that... would call me back.

    wait. call comes..."can you get get any fuel to get here?"

    "yeah yeah, ill be there by 10" (instead of 8 start, it being nine by then, and to keep up the pretense that i was...erm, at home...)

    rock up. promised id be payed that day.


    so today, tuesday. i got up, still no money. try calling (got the number now!) and no answer...cool. went n got busy for a while, come back, few missed calls.

    call back.

    "havent been paid man."

    ":poop:" he says...more excuses... "can you come in anyway?"

    this is just the leading hand, not the boss or anything mind.

    "im not working there if im not getting paid. i get paid, ill come in." seems like a fair deal, doesnt it?

    i had already organised a bit of work with a mate by then (9:15) so yay, i have some money in my pocket as i type!

    halfway during the day they have the nerve to ring me up again, say theyre letting me go because im UNRELIABLE (first week before the pay issues arose, 10 mins early every day, even with one day being pouring rain...an hours ride in the rain! i was prepared for it though! so was dry n warm:grin5: )

    "youll still get the pay owed to you for yesterday and last week, dont worry..."

    so, after me days work with my mate, go check the balance again. nothing.

    ring him again. yak yak...

    "the pay had gone through, the bank rejected it, whatever hwhatever, oh, theres always a prob with the first pay, um...i been there 2 years and never missed a pay, etc etcetc..."

    i dont really care about the job, its just being near, mmmm, beaches... (women...) and being called unreliable! if i was paid, id be there still!

    would you work somewhere when you arent getting paid? and the boss, instead of calling and sorting it out himself, gets the underling to do it?

    oh well. maybe i should just go back to the old old job...as foreman this time :) with more pay! at least a 50% increase! more pressure...:ack2:

    the offers open, i just wanted to try working somewhere new for a change... nothing to do with beaches after work...or girls, even... :tt1:
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  2. Neon

    Neon Member

    I'm not familiar with your labor laws. I do know here that sometimes you have to work a month before you can even see anything that looks like money. Then it's for only one weeks work. If after that time you still have not been paid, then go to the labor board and action can be taken. If your bank rejects the direct deposit then a cheque must be issued. Of course taking action will probably get you fired anyway. They will come up with some excuse. But it sounds like it's better to cut your losses and find another job.
  3. will_start

    will_start Member

    I have a real dislike for bosses who rip off their workers. Usually the patterns of behaviour they have establish themselves early...been there done what you have described. Its not pretty.