what would you rather do?

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what do you think?

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  1. cars are so much better then motorbikes!

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  2. my motorbike is my pride and joy and i will always ride it!

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  3. i ride a motorbike just because of high gas prices.

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  4. who needs a car!!!

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  1. mtbforlife

    mtbforlife Member

    well i got my licence a matter of a few weeks ago and ive had my car for about a few months, i got myself a 1994 mustang so its pretty fun. but i do notice rideing my motorbike is still alot funneeeerrrrr then driving. dose anyone agree? i do understand most of you all have been driving for many years but i guess it can still apply to you to. :smile:

    just a random question i thaught i would ask for the fun of it.

  2. Use your car only when the weather's bad or your going a too long a distance for your motoredbike. But then again,no distance in my case would be too long unless I'm on a time restraint.
  3. mickey

    mickey Guest

    I ride 2 wheelers for pleasure rather than necessity (so there's not a vote option for me.) I like the feeling of freedom that bikes and motorcycles give. The wind in your face and the space around you. Nothing better on a pretty day.
  4. mtbforlife

    mtbforlife Member

    ya i know what your saying micky thare aint nothing that makes you feel more free then being on a motorbike on a real nice day. as long as the law dont change i hope to be rideing for a long time.
  5. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Large and Mickey, I totally agree with you both. I live a bit too far away from my work to make motoredbiking reasonable so on the nice days I ride my motorcycle, on the nasty and cold days the car. On my days off I cruise around the beautiful old country roads that snake through the mountains here and just enjoy the sights and experience of it all. The first year I had a motored bike was a really hot summer so while everybody else was sweating it out or in the box with AC on I was creating my own cool breeze on the MB. Nothing else like it.
  6. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Ahh, summer, shorts (underwear optional), tee shirt, sneakers and a helmet. True riding enjoyment.
  7. Dude you should try one beautiful morning to wake up real early and ride in your MB to work,planning what safe routes or bike trails to take. You would be talked about. It would be fun.
    That's the one real difference between a motoredbike and a motorcycle. On a motorcycle you see more and hear more than a car but you have to share your space with cars.
    On a motoredbike,since it's still a bicycle,you can go where bicycles go,on the sidewalk,on the bike trails and everything goes at a slower pace and you can smell the roses.
    I actually prefer my motoredbike over a motorcycle. And I've owned motorcycles.
    Imagine not dealing with rush hour traffic....do it.
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  8. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    Here in Arizona, which is about the friendliest motored bike state in the union, they really frown on riding on sidewalks. I've done it, but only after looking all over the place for smokey.
  9. mtbforlife

    mtbforlife Member

    ya i saw some kid get busted the otherday he was rideing a dirt bike and the cop was following behind him, and ill tell ya as soon as he hit the sidewalk the smokeys lights were on. not shure what happend to him ticket mabey havent seen him since.