What Would You Recommend For A Newbie? Are There Any Florida Shops?

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I just joined yesterday. I have not purchased a bike, or kit yet. I have been looking at sites on the net gaining a general understanding of Motorized Bikes.

I have a couple questions I would appreciate help with.

First, does anyone know of a shop in South or Central Florida where I can go take a look at some assembled bikes. Or kits?

Second, What would you buy if you were new to this?
2 stroke? 4 stroke? Which brand of engine?
What is the best deal for the money in your opinion?
Which bike would you mount it on? etc.

I am trying to do this the smart way. As in ask for assistance instead of find out the hard way.

Any suggestions would be apprerciated.

Thanks, Bill


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Dec 15, 2006
there is no need to post the same question in two places
the same eyes will see it...IE: you won't get a bigger audience...it just clutters up the place
please do your part on keeping the forum organized
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