What's a boost bottle?

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    I had a question what's a boost bottle do? what does a bottle contain? and can you put one or two on a 80cc skyhawk engine? one more where can you buy them?

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    the theary behind a boost bottle is that it takes in and holds excess atomized fuel that is pushed back out of the intake manifold (all 2 strokes spit a little excess fuel out of the intake / carb) the boost bottle allows the excess fuel to go into it under a bit of pressure for storage. when you open the throttle it creates a vaccuum which then pulls the extra fuel (which is actually more like fumes) back into the intake manifold, giving a "boost" of extra fuel. there is no liquid in a boost bottle. it's just an empty storage tank for the excess fuel. i think a boost bottle would be easy to make, but they are fairly cheap to buy. in making one, the hard part would be getting the bottle size right, as well as getting the right size fitting and hose to go into the bottle. i'm thinking that the size of the fitting and the size of the hose would have an effect on how well the boost bottle works. i have never known anyone who has used a boost bottle, so i have no idea how big of a power gain one would give (if any gain at all).
    i would just go for broke, and order a nitrous kit.....lol
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    A boost bottle is a device that makes a HT engine go faster by decreasing the weight of your wallet.

    I'm a believer in boost bottles but not in our poorly ported/timed low tech HT engines.
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    Here is a homemade boost bottle. Looks like **** but we intend to take it off, sand it and paint it black. I only had flat black when made. This bottle is made from 1.5" schedule 40 PVC. It is made for a 70cc engine. The caps each hold 5cc and the body holds 60cc. The body is 3 1/4 inches. If a 1 1/2' thin walled PVC pipe is used the length will be shorter, due to increased volume in the pipe itself, the caps will remain the same volume. I used 1/4" MiPS 1/4" barb, but I know they make 1/8 MiPS with 1/4" barb. I just can't find them locally yet and I won't pay $7.00 shipping for a $2.12 part.


    I can be talked into making them, like I do my grade 5 studs.

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