Whats a fair price to sell my bike.

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    There is a guy on CL that is looking for a MB and mentioned a OCC schwinn. i emailed him and waiting for a reply but i am wondering what is a fair price for my bike and whats the lowest i should go? i have pics in my albums for viewing. Thanks Fellow Gear Heads.

  2. graucho

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    Looks like a nice clean build for sure. I wish we could include our labor when selling these babies.
    Of course there worth as much as "how bad someone want's it". :grin5: Wild guess? Lowest? $400.00
    How bad do you need to sell it will have a lot to do with it.

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  3. rustycase

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    Gosh, that's a nice looking bike!
    Ditto with what Graucho said.

    PAPAROACH Member

    Thanks for the imputs. Havent hered back from the guy but i think i will start the haggeling at 650 and take no less than 600. I also wish the labor was included cause i must have at 500.00 in labor too.
  5. rustycase

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    If yer in it to get your money out & yer labor, talley it up!
    It's a nice bike and someone would be fortunate to have it.
    If it's the last resort, well...
    Good luck!
  6. motorpsycho

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    really?? $650.00 to start and $600.00 is the lowest you'd take....for that bike? missing bolts in the rear sprocket? seat bracket made out of flat stock painted flat black? a boring black stock tank? no rear brakes? stock exhaust?
    wow, maybe i should put mine up for sale?

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  7. rustycase

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    Well good!
    Now we got a little bit of competition going!
    Anyone else wanna get involved?
    It's all good.
  8. adrian101

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    I don't want your whole bike, I'll buy that exhaust though? Lol
  9. Al.Fisherman

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  10. motorpsycho

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    well, here's what it took to make this exhaust.
    I modified the stock muffler end cap and baffle, and i stuffed it up inside the muffler body to hide it.
    it's attached to the muffler body with 2 rivits hidden on the back side.

    I cut off the stock flange from the long pipe, cut off a section with the flange from the stock pipe, and welded the section to the long pipe. this allowed me to extend the length of the pipe after the flange for crank clearance. the stock long pipe will not clear the cranks on an o.c.c. chopper.
    I put 3 steel rings over the weld to hide the seam.
    here's the modified baffle and end cap that i used.

    I used the "long street pipe" from boy go fast, and parts of the stock pipe & muffler to build this custom pipe.
    it's not a straight pipe and since it has a modified baffle, it's only slightly louder than stock, but it does have a nice "pop-pop-pop" sound to it.
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  11. chainmaker

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    Its very hard to get your money back from selling these bikes, especially if you start adding the extras.
  12. Big Red

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    Fair Price.

    I've built about ten of these with the high rise bars, setback wide cruizer seat, FRONT & BACK BRAKES, Headlight, Tail light and oh yeah, a LOT of labor. My starting price on those were around $600.00. The last one I sold to a friend for $450.00, Got it back with a blown engine and cracked frame. Fixed the engine, Welded the frame and sold it again for $350.00. Of course by this time it had the heck rode out of it. But it still rode real well.
    I am in California and the economy BLOWS here so perhaps you can get a little more in your area.
    Big Red.

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  13. Big Red

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    VERY cool Tank.

    Where did you get that tank? I want one.
    Big Red.
  14. RedBaronX

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    the only way to MAKE money is if you are able to get all the parts at less than retail-- like if you own a bike shop... you also spent a lot of money on all the "extras" that aren't even pieces-- tools I didn't have but needed, copper gasket spray, gasket maker goo, lock-tite, bearing grease... all those things that cost "a lot" if you are building one bike, but cost "nothing" if you are building a stack of bikes.

    shops that make and sell completed bikes usually price them around $500-$700 for builds that are pretty stock cruisers with 2-strokes.