Whats a good centrifugal clutch?



I want one for my 5.5 HP and my friends 6.5 HP engines. Preferrably 10t and its a 3/4 shaft.
Also cheap would be nice too. Chain driven
It would seem from the specs they are much of a muchness to be honest...

However, the second one seems to be an aftermarket fit for ski-doo which I assume means it is machined to a standard to fit up and deal with the specific power/weight and torque characteristics of these machines..

That being the case I personally would go for the second of the two links on the basis of the fact that its application would give you more durability in the use you intend to put it to...

good luck with it :)

Jemma xx
I usually get the max torque because my dad gets them at his work for a discount.