Whats Easy On The Eyes?

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  1. AssembleThis

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    Hi everyone!

    Having had a computer for a very long time in work, at home. White background is not the answer. A pastel green or blue would be much better. Just a suggestion. Pastel green preferably.


  2. jaguar

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    probably better on the eyes although slightly less readable because of less contrast between the letters and the background.

    Hey, I lived in Asheville for 4 years. Loved the scenery and the nature hikes but hated the long winters.
  3. AssembleThis

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    Easy On The Eyes

    Hi jaguar!

    Yes the type itself would have to be darkened. But that would help as well. Most people would not notice these things, but when you get as old as I am and compound that with eyes that are getting worse with age it is very noticeable. It was just a suggestion. If your comfortable at a web site your more inclined to stay there.