what's next? 20deg. below?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by stude13, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. stude13

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    it seems most areas of the US are experiencing abnormal weather this winter. we in the nw sure have. i have many relatives still living in alaska so i watch the conditions in fairbanks. their first real cold weather came a week ago. it is no hovering around 50 below and lowering. this last happened in the late 70.s and then moved south, crossing the entire lower 48 and froze the east coast like they hadnt seen in a 100yrs. ice fog is shown cleary on a downtown camera in downtown arctic cam. if you have any interest in this stort, checkout. fairbanks daily news miner. i have lived through this type of cold and worse while working 18yrs in the north slope oil fields. its coming folks, be ready. mitch


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    lools like i'll need to buy some long pants and sweatshirts
  3. hot70cc

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    lololol must be that global warming thing they have been talking about muahahahah. What a crock. Global warming, just something for the scientists to keep there jobs. Until we have 80 degree winters I'll never be convinced of Global warming. I think just because the ice caps are braking off is not because of global warming , but the ice is old and has to die like everything else. MO.
  4. Pablo

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    moddy edit....stop it.....funny yes, but,,,stop it! :p

    They say we may approach 50°F this week. Of course just in time for work!
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    one of the first statements made about gw was that storm patterns and fluctuations in local and world wide weather, would produce extremes. it never was meant to say world teperatures would rise linealy. the most extreme changes going on now are at the poles, exactly as predicted.
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    It's been unusual. It was cold in FL all the way to May last year! Now it's warm right now, but I don't know how long it may last.
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  7. Pablo

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    Sorry. Didn't even realize I was being foul. Allow me to say it's been cold.

    Funny thing this AM, took the pooch for a walk didn't even think about wearing gloves in sub 32° F weather. Acclimated.

    As for global this or that, how the heck can anyone say we are going this way or that, long term, globally based on a month or two in a few spots? Weather does not equal climate.
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    One of my Grandfather's favorite saying about the weather was "Let it come, we were here first". I don't plan on having grandkids but for sure I will pass it on to them if we do.

    I kind of have been enjoying the whiteness here in Bellingrad. Beats p133ing down all day rain anyday of the week, month even.

    Before too long we will be dusting off that idea to all get together for a spring thaw ride. So let's keep our eyes open for that weather also! I hope it comes before the middle of February though as I have to travel this spring.
  9. Skyliner70cc

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    How does one plan on not having grandkids?
  10. mabman

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    I don't know if it will work but I told both my boys, 26 and 23 to not worry about having any to carry on the family name like my dad and gramps did to me. Not that I regret having had kids as it worked out well for all of us. But both my boys are in tune to the ways of the world and both want to see a better chance of a life for their progeny before having any, plus they both lead extremely active lifestyles. Whereas 20+ years ago there was a brighter picture, or at least we thought there was. Sorry about the doom and gloom but there is alot more wrong with this planet than global warming, and it is not occurring naturally either.

    Feeling a little nostalgic here on the day of my younger son's birthday. Here is a shot of all of us, with girlfriends the day after Thanksgiving.

    I would wager a few of the old regulars on here that are conspicuously absent these days would know the general vicinity that picture was taken at?
    Another frosty awaits.
  11. graucho

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    Ahh yes mabman, my money is on someday you'll be blessed.

    As far as the weather goes, we could debate GW until it turned into a argument.
    I do have to laugh though how Al Gore comes and goes with the tempature.

    Its below zero here again in minnesota. (19 out of 62 days) It kind of takes the "gusto" out of riding a MB.
  12. mabman

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    Yeah, I had to drain my HHO in my van haven't been able to run it for weeks now. Going back to 13 mpg is harsh. It looks like it is straightening out here, at least until that big freeze hits.
  13. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Boy it's cold!

    Right now it's 71*F. Should be dropping into the high 60's tonight.

    Time to bust out the blanket, maybe two.:grin5:

    The bike ride was nice today with a high of 79*.
  14. stude13

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    hey 5-7heaven; i wish the jet stream would change and bring in the pineapple express like it some times does to warm the nw, but we keep getting the stuff from siberia. lucky you
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  15. bluegoatwoods

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    It was a strange (and harsh) December everywhere, it seems.

    But here in the midwest things have settled down into weather that's not too unpleasant, really.

    I guess I'll just wait for the other shoe to drop again.
  16. stude13

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    oops! i have to be more careful what i ask for. a pineapple express blew in last night, raising the temp. about thirty degs, and with it monsunal rain that is to last 3/5 days. rivers are already reaching for flood stage. with 80ins of snow uphill from north bend it could be a doozy.
  17. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Mitch, be careful what you wish for. Everything in moderation would seem okay.

    Weather was perfect for commuting to work this morning. Dry ground, crisp air, maybe 69 degrees. Cool weather, so I didn't soak myself perspiring while going to work.

    Cagers were cordial. I claimed the highway center lane traveling 32.5mph in a 35mph zone, then pulled on the shoulder when going up the offramp. When I change my front engine's gearing I should be able to maintain the speed limit.

    I use the center lane because the left lane goes to the freeway and the right lane heads towards Waikiki. Center lane leads to downtown/lmedium industrial district.
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  19. stude13

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    hi; this morning there is a 96deg difference between seattle and fairbanks.
  20. Pablo

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    Stude13 are you guys trapped???

    We are down to one road, expected to close tomorrow AM. Flood city baby.