What's Next for PNW Chapter?

hey, you guys, pick a weekend, let us know a week ahead of time. you'll be good to go for an overnight stay, make sure your lights are in order for a great night-run...no sand-cruise if you don't want to, but lowtide is pretty clean running with functional fenders :)

dan, you have no idea how frustrating it's been for me, to have such a marvelous chance and not be able to respond...all i can say is i'm always looking for the right circumstances to get me & bike down there. if it comes together, i'll surely be all over it...and i would LOVE to do a twisted spokes run 8)

let's do keep this alive, folks...like i said, we're happy to host...just let us know how we can help :D
augi - I would LOVE to be there, but this summer just won't work for me, as we're moving into a newly built house! But next summer, I am planning to be there for the 2008 Penninsula Ride & BBQ... Let's keep this alive and DO IT! :cool:
count on it...we're just trying to see if the locals have some time for a short visit :)

you/we know eventually the PNW will bond, it may take the whole year, but be assured all of us will be your enthusiastic hosts in '08 :D 8)
I vote to maybe make tshirts for this event next summer...anyone want to design it? Any ideas? Yay / nay?