Centrifugal What's the best centrifugal clutch kit? Opinions needed!

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    My bike is finally running nicely! Now I just need to make it street legal. In the state of Georgia, where I live, in order to qualify as a moped, a motorized cycle can't require clutching or shifting AFTER THE DRIVETRAIN IS ENGAGED. So...I need to install a centrifugal clutch kit in order to make it perfectly street legal. (I could probably get away without one, since the clutch lever looks just like a brake lever, but why take chances? A ticket would cost more than a centrifugal clutch.) If it matters, I have an F80 engine kit from thatsdax.com. I'd like to hear opinions on which centrifugal clutch kit with pedal start is the best, and if there are any that are cheap and reliable but not necessarily the best. Oh, and if it matters, I eventually intend to install a jackshaft kit and hide the rear derailleur with pannier bags, so it has to be compatible with that. :evilgrin:

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    I bought the cent clutch for my China girl on EBay. You will also need a pull start if you plan to get rid of the hand clutch. I kept the hand clutch active for pedal starting.
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    Which dealer did you buy that centrifugal clutch from, Wheelbender? How long have you had it, and how well has it performed?
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    I bought it from Boygofast. I don't know if he still sells kits and parts on EBay. The cent clutches are all built at the same plant so the seller doesn't matter, as long as he has good feedback.
    I had my China girl for 5 years but only had the cent clutch about a year before selling. The most difficult part of the install was pulling off the old crank gear, in my opinion. The rest of the install was easy. There is a tutorial on this site somewhere for doing the cent clutch conversion. There are also youtube videos about it.The cent clutch worked well while I owned the bike.
    -I never installed the pull start. The pull start kits are all poorly made and must be used very carefully. That is why I kept my hand clutch operational for pedal starts. Some members have reinforced some of the plastic parts in the pull start and had better reliability.
    -I rode in congested traffic areas, so the cent clutch was more than worth the time and money involved for me.
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    Boygofast is now Boygoesfast on EBay, but he doesn't have the centrifugal clutch kit right now, and a lot of other places are out of stock as well. All of them, in fact, except the ones that want to charge $80-90 for it. I wonder what's going on.
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    Are you sure that's what the rule means?

    The law is almost identical here in Utah where I live and also states that a moped can't require clutching or shifting "after the drivetrain is engaged." My read on this is that it's the letting out of the clutch itself that engages the drivetrain, and thereafter no clutching/shifting is needed to drive the motor. I don't think that the law is intended to prohibit mopeds that use a manual clutch.
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    maybe your tag should read

    if u get knocked down 100 times, maybe biking isnt your thing.
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    my 2c. I agree.

    My guess is the intent is, it is differentiating from mcycles which have 3+ gears and consequent speeds.

    you may engage/disengage a fixed gear at will.
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    This touches on a hobbyhorse of mine. What a pain petrol bikes are in stop go traffic. Ebikes are a dream by comparison.

    A hybrid methinks. Petrol for the long haul to town, ebike in town, recharge anytime using regen when using petrol.

    Just a small light geared front hub & a 5ah ~1.5-3C battery.

    In an OZ context, petrol is illegal on public roads, so if u use electric when the boys are about, no law against it.

    starting is no probs, just get rolling on electric & drop the clutch.

    I am against avoidable weight. Pull starts and centrifugal clutches can add up too.
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    So you can pedal start an engine with a shift kit and centrifugal clutch? I thought it was limited to pull starting, where do you get replacement parts for the clutch?