What's the best Cruiser Bike built

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by snakedoctor, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. snakedoctor

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    I have a friend who wants to get into friction drive and he ask me what's the best built single speed cruiser bike? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

  2. cycledude

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    Do you mean the strongest bike out there, or just the best built?
    I got my bmx from my nephew, he cannot claim is his anymore tho he tried a few days ago.
    Is that thing hard? I am telling you, the thing is super strong.
    the bad is the thing is tini, but I raised the seat, and handles and wow.
    I really like the small footprint now. Im taking detail pics soon.

    Im up for a strong cruiser if anybody wants to share that info to!

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  3. Esteban

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    I am presuming you mean current built bikes. The 2 toughest bikes , & therefore heavy, that come to my mind are the Husky & Worksman Industrial. They are both great values at about $350 each, with comparable wheels.
  4. I am using a Diamond Back Drifter 2 Cruiser (Bout a 500.00$ bike but I got mine on sale for 350.00 so just look for sales). It has gone 2500 Miles so far and still rides like it is brand new (well the bike does), only thing I have replaced is a rear wheel bearing. The drifter 2 is a 7 speed bike. Honestly just for the sake of stops and go's I wouldn't use a single speed bike but that's just my opinion.

    Or just pick up a 84$ huffy from wally world (single speed cruiser) @ that price if it lasts 6mon-1yr who cares if it breaks just buy another one.
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  6. snakedoctor

    snakedoctor New Member

    Thanks for the info. I checked their website out and the industrial bike looks very sturdy
  7. snakedoctor

    snakedoctor New Member

    I forgot to mention that this msg is for Esteban. The Husky industrial bikes look like they are well made. Thanks again.
  8. cycledude

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    I don't know what the heck is with people these days
  9. Dobroknow

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    Grubee GT-2 Bike ...

    you should look up the Grubee GT-2 or GT-1 Bikes .
    They are designed to be motorized and have all the upgrades like heavy-duty hubs and 12g spokes . they have awesome front suspension , and the GT-2 has an in-frame gas tank .
    I saw them somewhere online for $ 315 shipped .

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  10. Esteban

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  11. Whizzerd

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    Having already built two F/D Cruisers I might suggest to stay away from odd configured frames. For instance some of the Micargi, Greenline and similar. The BMP fits a standard cantilever frame nicely. Hey, I haven't read of frame failures w/ the Wally Huffys. Either way please do yourself a favor and install a front brake for safety. I also use a front suspension either Springer w/ drum brake or mtb shock fork w/ V-brakes. Enjoy the Ride!
  12. RdKryton

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    Another vote for Worksman

    You can not go wrong with Worksman. I even put their wheels on my Whizzer. If they can handle my very large butt, they can handle anything.

  13. cycledude

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    You know, private mail, question for Esteban, ...
  14. floridaboy

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    I have a Electra Coaster stretch alum. frame and am well pleased with it.

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  15. Hawaii_Ed

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    I have always LOVED the felts. TOP quality. I really want to build one next.
  16. adb140275

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    the Giant Simple series of cruisers are the most comfortable bikes ive ever ridden (rode a simple 7 once). very light weight and PERFECT friction drive tires.
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  17. Other than augie not sure if anyone else has done over 4000 miles get a diamond back drifter (2 or 3) confort light weight and durable. :)
  18. loquin

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    If you're going to put a lot of miles on it, it's hard to beat a comfort bike (front suspension) for comfort. When I moved from a cruiser to the trek navigator, it felt so ... smooth. And, my back felt better, too. Yeah, it doesn't look the as good as a cruiser. 'S OK. I'll take comfort over looks any day.