Tires Whats the best heavy duty rims & tyres?

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    Hey guys!

    I Need your help! So I bought a dyno roadster that eventually I will motorize, but first i want to get the basics out of the way, rims & tyres! Now, this is my first build and atm I know very little about bike parts, etc. But I'm learning along the way... I weigh 138kgs (302 pounds) and am 6 foot 5. My dyno fits me perfectly but as I'm heavier than ur average Joe and am hoping to get the bike up to speeds of around 70kms (45mph) should I invest in some heavy duty rims/tyres/tubes? If so, what do you suggest and where do I get them? Price is not too much of an issue as I would rather spend it on quality stuff which could possibly save me many bills in the hospital later lol
    I went through random posts on the net and found a few talking about 11 gauge steel heavy duty rims and them being really tuff, is this true? Also I was thinking about getting Kevlar bike tubing? The tyres I dunno? Something that will be perfect for pure road use, I did see some nice looking ones called "thick bricks" but as I said I have no clue as to wether these would be any good for me or not lol

    My last question is I've been told u cannot put 26x3" rims on a roadster but u can put 26x2.5" or 65mm rims on with 3inch tyres. Is this true? And safe to do on a motorized bike?

    Thanks heaps guys!

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    Don't know if this will help or not. I picked up some 26" Huffy wheels with what looks like #10 spokes for my old 55 Cleveland Weld. It came with new tires and tubes, both NEW wheels for $30 so I couldn't resist. Here is a site where some guys go to pick up heavy duty wheels.

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    Thanks for helping me out birdman, really appreciate it!