Sprockets Whats the best HUB drive setup, not spoke driven sprocket adapter...

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by nidyanazo, May 29, 2010.

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    Creative engineering.......
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    Creative Engineering is the only way to go..quality and price..made in Florida , USA
  5. anthony1973

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    If you got the right hub creative engineering and pirate cycles has them.Best there Is period!!!
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    pity ur in the USA im ova in Australia ,
    here with a free 3spd shaft driven hub
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    None of the above do it for me.
    I like my freewheel; left and right side and those...
    not so much!
  8. anthony1973

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    I like that concept.you got 3 speeds on your back tire for your chain to switch on?What company makes this?I would like to see It.
  9. anthony1973

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    I also want to mention that a shift kit from sick bike parts eliminates the free wheel sprocket and lets you shift through gears If you got them.Ad Is on the left.
  10. Top Hat Sprocket Adapter and Super Sprocket....

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  12. Just make sure to measure your hub with a micrometer before ordering