What's the current lowest price on happytime or similar conversion kit

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jamesloper, Jul 10, 2011.

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    I'm buying a 49 or 66cc kit within a few days but I just want to get it as cheap as possible! I sold my last build so I could build another one. These things are so fun!

    I had a 66 cc from luckyearlybird for $140, shipped last year, but I can't find a similar deal now :(

    So far I found this for $162 shipped, but its more expensive than the lucklyearlybird HT kit: http://www.gasbike.net/bicycle_motor_engine_kit_gas_bike_silver_48cc.html
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    Don't expect to purchase a engine for what you paid years ago not even last year.. My first 66cc HT cost $132.00 to the door. My last one early this year was $150.00. Personally, luckyearlybird and BFG (Husband/wife) I'd stay from them, if you need any warranty, well bend over. Dollar isn't worth what it was last year. Thanks, to the stimulus to name 1.

    FLASH... Some USED cars now are worth more then what was paid for them as new. Thanks Cash For Clunkers.
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    yeah, especially when you are talking about something that has to be imported from half way around the globe, the price is only going to go up year to year-- gas prices go up, shipping prices go up.
  5. I bought 2 RAW 66cc engine kits 2 years ago for 100 dollors each,now they are almost twice as much....
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    MMm.... a "high dollar" chengine. Just what I've been waiting on.

    I guess their quality has improved rapidly over the years.