whats the farthest anyone has ridden one

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by andrewflores17, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. just wandering if i should take it to my freinds house its about 10-15 miles

  2. Thats not very far at all if you ask me. Loctite is your friend.
  3. steveadicks

    steveadicks Guest

    I would take afew tools with me, being 15 miles out and having a problem would suck.
  4. thanks i just didnt want to get past my highschool and then have to pedal the rest of the way

    i never leave the house without my tools

    thanks you guys
  5. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    Hi , I go out on 25 milers all the time. And yes I do take tools also. I have large baskets on the back of my bike for camping trips and shopping at the Food Lion and such and I have a tool kit I throw in the back when I go any distance at all . So far not much trouble but you never know. That locktite thing is for real. You will get to know what bolts loosen up and can lockum all and avoid alot of problems. That is important to do if you want to have trouble free trips.I had fender bolts fall out ,kickstand rod fall out, chain guard bolts and on and on etc etc. and finally went and bought the red and the blue type thread lock and went to town with the stuff. Now its rare that anything loosens up. Tom in WV
  6. Tom

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    Wow, my longest trip has probably been 7 miles round trip.... pathetic...
  7. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    My best day was 220 miles in about 11 hours, from just east of Eufaula, AL to Polkton FL. inc. lots of stopping and talking to folks.

    Est. miles on the summer Denver round trip was 2,050, on a little more than 8 1/2 gallons of gas.
    Best day was about 200 miles, with the wind at my back, screaming through central Kansas. Most other times, I misjudged the headwind. I can't understand why Dorothy wanted to get back to Kansas from Oz.

    If the Australians are still up for a coast to coast challenge next year, I calculate Charleston SC to LA/SD in 15-16 days.
  8. Edward

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    Here's a film I made of a trip on Stingrays:


    The music is from my 1850's band.
    The photography was done by my GF and my daughter.
  9. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    I knew you guys would chime in with your triple digit mile trips
  10. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Edward- That RICHMOND KANSAS rang a bell, if I hadn't filled my tanks in Moran ($1.12), and if your stations were open before seven, I would have left you some sales tax income, at least for wakeup cuppa joe.

    I had camped out about 5 miles south of Garnett, next to the Deer Creek (where I learned DO NOT PITCH CAMP AT SUNSET UNDER A CEDAR TREE). Heading s. from Richmond, cross that creek, there is an abandonded house on your right, (west side of Hwy 59).and across the road is a barn and two small round metal storage buidings.

    That damn tree full of TICKS is on the north side of the house, there also was a huge honeybee nest on near the upper window of that north side wall.

    I left at camp at dawn, went north thru Richmond, had coffee and donuts-plus a great apricot dealio AT THAT HOME OWNED DONUT SHOP in south OTTAWA, the owner is from Chicago I think, really nice folks, Please, if you ever stop there tell them HI from the bamabike guy who they gave a free sample apricotthingamabob back last May.

    So I hit Ottawa at 8a.m., Council Grove at 11 (talked to the newspaper there), north to Manhattan (great view of the Kaw Valley), then caught that 25-30 mph tailwind. I was theoretically going to stop at Glen Elder (thumbs down, looks crappy).

    But the wind whooshed me past that area, ended up camping about 20 miles due south of Lebonon KS (near Dispatch). Next morning, up at dawn I went to that Geological Center of the US, up to Red Cloud NB, and returning south over the Republican River I hit a 35 mph HEADWIND, with every hog farm up breeze, convoys of hog manure haulers passing me putt-putt-putting up against that ungodly wind.

    Anyway, I remembered Richmond, because I think I COULD NOT use the rest room there, I went through too early in the morning. You Kansans get up late, don't you?

    But that days ride was excellent, memorable because it was the only time the wind was my friend all day long.

    I have a lot of Kansas pix in my Picasa Album place, OVERLOOK THE BLACK SPOT ON MY LENS, I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD A BLACK SPOT ON MY LENS UNTIL I TOOK 300 PICTURES. It like having my personal UFO.


    I think its the 4th or 5th album down from the top, with the Dylan65 theater marquis on the front. I liked those metal sculptures of wagon trains and Indian warriors I kept coming across. I think I passed about 5 of those hilltop sculptors.
  11. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    :!: :!: :!: BY THE WAY- on that category of Recommended Cities/Routes that are EASY AND FUN, put that Kansas route I took, Bolivar Missouri west to Moran KS, north to Ottawa, west to Council Grove, north to Manhattan, west to wherever the prairie wind blows you on your list of "best".

    If you look at a map of Kansas, trying to get from the Southeast Corner (Fort Scott) to the Northwest corner (St. Francis) it is a series of due west, due north, due west, due north, left/right/left/right turns. Hard to get lost if the sun is shining in your eyes.

    :D GREAT PEOPLE, GOOD FOOD, (lousy state park at Glen Elder, so skip that part like I did). And if you stop in Atwood Kansas there is a "old timey glass door" phone booth on the right side of the road, see if my damn telephone credit card is still sitting on top of the phonebox. :roll:
  12. I commute to work every day on mine 3 miles each way through boston traffic and I sometimes wish it was longer! it's so much fun...
  13. wow i thought my 15 miles was alot made it ok scared some bums walking at night on the bike trail on my way home had no idea what was blowing by
  14. bird

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    my friend road his from tucson az to denver with his dog on a trailer. i dont know how many miles it was but its still nuts. i have about 2500 miles on my bike i ride the sh*t out of it across town everyday to school and back. it tops out about 40 45 mph with the spookytooth high speed sprocket.
  15. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I jinxed that Reverend Haggard guy, cussing in front of his Colorado Springs mega church-----

    Part of the cool thing about exploring the US on a bike, you remember places and things.

    When I remembered Colorado Springs it was Pikes Peak having the MOTHER of All drought breaking storms behind it (which brought me the Rainman reputation, out racing clouds for two days) and a cool looking bird, a crow wearing a tuxedo (magpie maybe?) at an eight lane intersection INTENT on picking up a bottle cap, it took him three flybys, but he picked it up finally.

    But the southbound highway I was on banged into this other road, with that megachurch on the right, and a curb that was knee high. Time to have a smoke, find my glasses, figure a route, NEGOTIATE THAT DAMN CURB, embarassingly spilling my basket.

    So, when that Haggard dude got into his meth/male escort mess, and I saw the interviews with church members, "HEY, I WAS RIGHT THERE", and the only way to get back on the highway was circle the place, go back a half mile where the mega parking lot was, then turn around and go back, DROP MY READING GLASSES, and have to do the whole damn curb thing again. :x

    :evil: I cussed. Jinxed the place I guess......... :evil:
  16. Edward

    Edward Guest

    Yes Kansan's keep some odd business hours out in the sticks. I lived in my town for ten years before I used the local businesses much due to their being closed as I left for work and being closed before I got back from work. But then I had gotten a ticket in town and I boycott the businesses in any town that I get a ticket in, for a minimum of one year. I'm not going to support my own oppression. I agree with your assessment of the north south route through eastern Kansas. You should have seen the look on a kids face in Gas City when we pulled up on our Stingrays. He was pedaling along on his Stingray as we passed through town and stopped at the gas station. We were like rock stars from outerspace. We sure put that kid's imagination in overdrive.