What's the farthest distance you've ever PEDALED a bicycle before?? :D

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  1. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    I once heard that a guy in New Hampshire pedaled 100 miles one day.


    I couldn't believe it.

    I got a fixed gear bicycle and [not immediately, of course] managed to pedal at least 25 miles in one day. Not all at one time... but that's still quite a feat if you ask me.

    Never would I ever have imagined pedaling 25 miles in one day, until I got a fixie!!

    That's MORE than a gallon!!! :sweatdrop:

    Fixies are FUN!

  2. tone2crazy

    tone2crazy Member

    i do 20 everyday on my beach cruiser
  3. swaney3

    swaney3 New Member

    I did 32 on a 10 speed once.
  4. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    It's been years, but I pulled just under 30 back in my hayday when I rode my touring bike everywhere.

    Best time I ever did was 6 miles in 12 minutes.
  5. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    Before my son moved in with us, he had peddled (no engine assist) from Interlachen, Florida to Lawrenceville, Georgia. 400 miles. Had a girl in tow that slowed him down. Two overnight stays in a tent. 11 days later at destination.
  6. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    I've ridden an even dozen century rides, a ride of 100 miles. It's been a few years since, I still have the road bike but those days are over. My wife has probably ridden more than thirty century rides. Our son, an avid distance tourer, has ridden double century rides of 200 miles and right now is currently on a Portland to Portland ride, Maine to Oregon.
  7. SlugMan

    SlugMan Member

    I live in southern Maine and have been a big bike fan all my life. I love endurance riding.
    Me and the now, X-Wife, took a trip on our bikes. We left from home and went riding through the White Mt's on a 5 day trip. It ended up being almost 300 miles when we were done. Longest day was 80 miles.
    I've done centurys before (100 miles). That's in one day.
    Im known to ride my bike to Portsmouth NH, and go to the Portsmouth Brewry for lunch, then head back along the coast. Total trip miles 80, but it's very hilly around this area.
    Even as a teenager, I would commonly go on 60 mile bike rides. It's not that bad, if you have a comfortable bike. I love it!
  8. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    about 15 feet to pedal start my engine, any longer distance not required.
  9. Gad Zooks

    Gad Zooks New Member

    Sante Fe NM to Denver CO

    10 speed, with all gear. Camped every night and "Girl in tow" kept me warm every night... Ahhh college.
  10. rustycase

    rustycase New Member

    Good for you long distance pedalers!
    You shall probably enjoy better health than I.

    My longest has probably been 20-25 miles round trip. I was on a mission!
    5 mile jaunts were nothing, back then... nearly every day.

  11. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    It has been a long time, but I rode from the Oregon/California border south of Brookings to Astoria is six days - about 350 miles total. Camped in state parks or on the beach every night - there were 5 of us together. I had a Schwinn 3 speed, two guys had 5 speed bikes, and two had the first 10 speeds I was ever around. Jake, who had a Peugeot 10 speed, was the only one who had any problems mechanically.

    Five years in a row while living Houston, TX, I did the Houston to Austin ride. Most folks arranged cager transport for the return trip - I just rode my bike back each time. Two days each way, about 175 miles one way.

    The longest single days ride I ever made was from Yankton, SD to Grand Island, NE - about 170 miles, between 4:30 am and about 11:30 pm, with a long stop to replace a tire and re-true a wheel alongside the road in early afternoon. Potholes can be killers.
  12. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    And WATER!!! :sweatdrop:

    I didn't bring any water with me to the half-way point. Had to have some friends bring me a 2 liter jug o' water. Drank half of it as soon as they met up with me.

    Anything above 5-8 miles, and I am going to regret not having a water bottle!!

    Oh yea... the guy from NH who had done that "century" ride I was talking about.... He did specifically mention that it was no problem, as long as he had a constant water supply. He was absolutely correct. I could probly do 50 my next time if I had a 2L bottle strapped to my frame...
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  13. recumbentbill

    recumbentbill New Member


    Like some of the others I have rode several centuries and the MS 150 ride which was a two day ride. All were on my Long wheel base RANS V2 recumbent.All were very enjoyable. Can't imagine doing it on a road bike much less a Fixie:cool2:
  14. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    102 miles - and it was too long. Glad I did it once, but never did it again.

    My wife's spinning instructor just pedaled from California to Virginia in 11 days - close to 300 miles/day. (Race across America)
  15. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Wow. That's just amazing.

    It actually doesn't look quite as challenging when you see it broken down into pieces like this...


    Just gotta take it one step (pedal) at a time.
  16. q999

    q999 Member

    2 or 3 century and 1 double century

    *In the late to mid 70.. I was 16 or so then and my father had 2 bike shops and i was in shape.
    we had a bike club we belong to in Tampa fl the gasparillia bicycle club . I had a 21 pound zues 2000 running silk tubes, and rode every day. from an island near downtown to hills community college then usf to work then back home davis island ..this was my training along with a mentor on a track bike who use to sneek up behind me and sling shot me forward... I weighed in at 135 then and could never gain another pound. I think I had 7 bikes stolen in one school year, a couple of years prior to this.
    We would go north of tampa to pasco county where we had lived in the 60's and the roads were nice ...no cars... good pavement... a couple of Treasured stops, the old soda fountains, dade city was dead city and zephyrhills where all part of the fun. I think i could change a tire in 2 min back then.
    I didn't know any better and although I was never the fastest , I lived in the saddle. we had time trials on deserted stretches and races around Davis Island... These were very good times for me..I didn't know it was hot out...or cold out.. but wet man.. I still hate the rain..
    My parents met in a motorcycle club in Chicago in the 40 and 50's and my grand father joe sturzel won many races..one of the founders of the AMA ..so my mother made my father give up racing motorcycles as he had children to raise 11 eventually . When I flip the old photos out or pull out the trophies.. -ah the history thay could tell..
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  17. DougC

    DougC New Member

    The longest I've pedaled was maybe around 95-100 miles. That was an out-and-back trip to a town in my area, on a long-wheelbase recumbent. I started out going around 15 MPH (my usual lone cruising speed) and was doing about 10 MPH by the end.

    I would never go that far on a "normal" upright bike of any kind. The recumbent isn't any faster, but it is drastically more comfortable to ride. Plus it is easy to eat & drink while riding, so there's less time wasted with stopping to do that.

    My comfortable rides are about 30 to 45 miles total, assuming mostly flat ground. Also the heat/humidity makes big differences too.
  18. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    Back in the 70's did a couple of tours on the Blue Ridge Parkway--about 300-350 total miles. Longest single day was 60 miles in the mountains--gives one a great sense of perspective on the alpine segment of the tour de France.
  19. wbuttry

    wbuttry Member

    i used to tour quite a bit i went on trips like florida to mo and mo to arizona stuff like that but that was before i got fat then i got old and now sick on occation....
  20. I rode 37 miles for a fundraiser for my youth group once. It was on a 10 speed...