what's the fastest out there?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by IbanezKing, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. IbanezKing

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    what's the fastest engine out there?

  2. MINE!!!!:dunce:
  3. IbanezKing

    IbanezKing New Member


    how fast mine only go 40+
  4. RedBaronX

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    that's pretty much the top speed these bicycle motor kits are designed to do. With the right tuning, expansion chambers, shaving off weight, and different sized rear sprockets, you can squeeze out another couple miles per hour.
  5. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    How fast? How fast? How fast?

    How about how fast can I go and still ride the bike safely?
  6. lowracer

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    I have 3 MB's & the fastest one is also the heaviest one (DH MTB full suspension). It can hit 55 mph with me in an aero position (aka-lowracer) & is as stable & refined as a small motorcycle. My lightest MB has no suspension at all, but the same engine & could probably do the same speed, however I'm not crazy enough to risk it on that bike since it doesn't feel safe at high speed.
  7. IbanezKing

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    hi :)

    where do I buy this 55mph engine kit?
  8. lowracer

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  9. IbanezKing

    IbanezKing New Member

    what's a DIY?
  10. Mr.B.

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    Do It Yourself...
  11. professor

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    When this question comes up, I check the age of the questioner.
    The faster speed a guy wants to go - usually is in direct opposite of the age number.

    Think about sliding down the road after a chain or back tire lets go.
    There is a BIG difference between 20 mph and 50.
    Think about brakes. Can you stop fast?

    At 10 or 15 mph a bike doesn't ride too bad. Double or tripple that speed and control over bumps can be an issue. Beats the tar out of your body too.
    Just a few things to consider.
  12. Big Red

    Big Red Active Member

    Speed limit

    Yeah Professer, I have to agree with you. A bicycle was not meant to do 60mph. Unless you're on a track, there's no way in H E double hocky sticks that anyone should be doing 55 or 60mph on a bicycle. This guy probably went over to the "other site" anyway since he's been banned. I checked the other site out, Perhaps thats where people like him belong. Of course, This is only my opinion from dealing with him in another thread. KIDS, what are ya gonna do.
    Big Red.
  13. lowracer

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    The bike being motorized has alot to do with the 'safe' speed that it can handle.
    The Downhill mountain bikes being produced today are built to go down mountains & ski-slope type resorts quickly on nasty offroad terrain. Many of them share motocross dirtbike technology & resemble dirtbikes. Its the reason I bought one years ago before I ever dreamed of motorizing a bicycle. I raced pedal mountain bikes both cross county & downhill. I'm 44 yrs old & have owned many different motorcycles over the years from 400cc up to 1200cc. Adding the engine to the DH Mountain bike seemed like a logical decision. Motorized, it rides like a small motorcycle, has big 205mm hydraulic disc brakes front & rear, 7" of suspension travel front & rear, weighs 42 lbs unmotorized & has a 20mm thru front axle & a 10mm solid rear axle. My other 2 MB's are not Downhill MTB's & I wouldn't dare push those high speeds on those 'Regular bikes'.

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