whats the most dependable kit out.... 2 a 4 strok and where shoud i get it

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  1. billy270

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    i have had a couple skyhawk motors 2 strokes and my g/f wants one for an every day 13 mile trip to and from work..... any advice would be great

  2. GearNut

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    Anything made by Tanaka or Subaru.
    The newest of the new Chinese 2-strokes have not been out long enough to let anybody beat one up and tell the story. They seem to be greatly improved though.
  3. billy270

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    what do u mean the newest 2 strokes out.... i just recentle bought a 66cc from king and its liek the old chines 2 stroke

    what about the kits at bicycle-engins.com
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  4. Alaskavan

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    From what I've seen, GEBE and Staton make the most dependable kits. Tanaka, Robin/Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Honda make the most reliable engines.
  5. Whizzerd

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    Hi Billy, for my 25 yr old daughter, I just built up a Subaru/Robin powered BikeMotorParts Friction Drive. The centrifucal clutch makes things much easier for her and she likes the smooth quiet performance. No problems and it's got around 100 miles so far. I did put a MTB suspension fork w/ Sturmey/Archer front drum brake for comfort & safety. Of course it's also got thorn resistant tubes and Continental tires. Bike is a 24" Huffy Cranbrook girl's model.
  6. GearNut

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    Here you go billy270:
  7. billy270

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    thinks gearnut thats what i thought u wher talking about..... i just orderd a new kit and thts whati got my ports are the same as my ld onens and the porer is about the same and i do like he carb tho its a lot beter with the choke on the bars..........so what do u guys think about the (skyhwak) 4 stroke kit from bicycle engeins.com are the tighten i heard there goodbut thats hat every one says that sels them lol........ so what kinda prices are on he robin are subru and the honda kits and where could i check them out......thinks gys u guys are great
  8. Skyliner70cc

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    www.thatsdax.com sells a single speed in frame 4 stroke. The engine has a great reputation and I'd buy in a heartbeat but I'm holding out for a shift kit version.

    The engine has a 1year warranty and unlike other certain vendors who claim a 6 mos warranty on their 2 stroke engines, DAX will honor the warranty. They do what they say and go out of their way to please their customer. Yes, I do rip into Dax for the shifter kit they sell but that's another issue and doesn't detract me from recommending their other products.
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