What's this oil ratio?

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    Hi everyone, I have an oil bottle that has a pre-measured bowl of 3.2 ounces. If I use this to one gallon of gas can someone tell me what the ratio is? Does that make it 32:1? I appreciate the help and thanks in advance!


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    I think that would be about 40:1 if you mixed it with 1 gallon of gas. For 32:1, you would need 4 ounces of oil.

    to determine ratio:
    gallon in ounces divided by oil in ounces = ratio
    128/3.2=40 (assuming 1 gallon with 3.2 ounces of oil)

    to determine oil needed for ratio:
    gallon in ounces divided by ratio required = oil required in ounces
    128/40=3.2 (assuming 1 gallon with a 40:1 ratio)
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    No, it won't be 32:1. It's been a while since I've done this math...mumble, mumble...

    1 Gallon is ....32 x 4 or 128 oz. So 3.2 oz in one gallon of fuel would be 128/3.2 or 40/1

    That's not oily enough for break-in. You'd better double it

    Somehting about my math feels wrong. Do I have that right?
  4. To figure your oil/gas ratio you take a gallon (128oz) and divide by the ratio you want.

    128oz Divided by 20 equals 6.4oz of oil.
    or in your case 3.2oz of oil time 20 equals 64 oz of gas or 2 quarts.

    This is the way I mix my oil by the quart, usually 1/2 gal at a time.....

    Good Luck Crab.....
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    Thanks everyone for the help. Now I know how to calculate this stuff. In order for me to get 28:1 (which is what I need), I need to use 4.5 ounces. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Oh... this is calculated for one gallon. Does this sound right?
  6. CORRECT A+ Please move to the head of the class....lol......
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    lol.... thanks misteright.. now all I have to do is find something that will measure 4.5 ounces :grin:
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    Just pour in the 3.2 + about a third of another...you can wing it...at 40:1 you will definitely not burn up your motor...so add some more... :) It's not that precise, although when you start looking at numbers and calculating you start to think it is...

    But really, has anyone measured their 1 gallon gas can? There's a little line on the side that tells you where 1 gal actually is...but you know what? The last 3 trips to the gas station was in the evening, and I couldn't see the line and the fuel (the sun will make it clear, but it was down), so I just filled it with gas to where I thought it was marked...and then I tossed in 1 1/3 - 3.2oz container of synthetic and didn't think about it a second time...motor runs fine, and I'm probably at a lower ratio than I need to be, but so what? Motor runs fine. :)

    (PS. That was my last non-AMSOil container. From now on it's Pablo's AMSOil. But for BREAKING IN, do not use Synthetic. (It will take forever to break in). :) Make sure you order from Pablo - his ad is to your left...let's support the vendors that are here helping us out.)
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    Cool Mark.... thanks. 1 and a 1/3 will work out great. Thanks for the "handy man" measurement. And I have never looked on a gas can to see that there is a line on it showing where a gallon is. Didn't know that they did that, lol. I guess it's like you said... if you get it close enough, your engine will be happy and that's what counts.

    Good luck on the Pablo oil. I've heard good things about it. I'm sure you will be happy with it. I'm lucky because my motor is already broke in by someone the same age as me so I imagine he took good care of it :). Keep your fingers crossed and soon I will be riding!
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    Here is a premix chart that I found. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks man... I appreciate the help!
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    I just switched to AMSOil...
    I'm using about 3.5oz per gallon...will get me around 35:1 or so...
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    Metric Oil Ratios


    65ml per liter ratio 16/1-running in
    50ml per liter ratio 20/1-once run in after 500 -800 km depends on motor
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    Thanks, Mark!!!
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    too much oil?

    Hi everyone,

    I rode my bike yesterday (for the first time) but as it turned out I used too much oil in the gas/oil mixture. Can this hurt my engine in any way? I only ran it for about 30 minutes and treated it like a baby then. I know now that I need to add a little more gas in my tank.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? I really appreciate it.

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    shouldn't hurt anything.... what fuel : oil ratio did you use?
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    well, I was shooting for 28:1 but I think I missed it. Think I was too heavy on the oil. I just got back from the gas station and put about 75 cents in and that should work out just about right. If it helps, I'm using Poulan synthetic oil for 2 stroke air cooled engines.