whats up crew!! new chicago member here..

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    just signed up and im lovin it.theses forums are great for spreadin the word to get people ridin and building.i have a gt kustom kruiser duece with a 66cc motor.im doin lots of kustom work cause i hate parts to be cheap,unreliable and looking cheesy.right now just polishing my motor cause aluminum is a soft metal and with some mothers mag and aluminum polish you can make metal look chrome almost.ill post pics later when its lookin more complete.also on motorbicycling.gonna try and get a cruise night goin here in chicago and hopefully more for the the future.how cool would it be to have a bike meet,say maybe at a forest preserve,bike show,bakini bike wash with some food and music and then all head out for a mapped cruise.gotta find the chicago riders,lets all meet on here and introduce ourselves,and eventually get somethin kool goin.....