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    Hey whats up everyone? My name is Derek and I ride a Peugeot 103 carbolite that I bought from a garage sale for $6 bucks. A friend sold me the engine for $150 dollars and I have had fun riding it since. I don't use the bike lane anymore thanks to a $25 expansion chamber I got off of ebay for $25. A little heat later it fits perfectly. I have gone about 40mph consistantly since. I have rode the bike 60 Miles from Redway, CA to Eureka, CA. It was a great ride and I got there in about 3 hours with some stops to admire the Giant Redwood trees! My goal is to go 55mph and ride to Santa Rosa in the summer. Here is the bike feel free to comment!

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    Welcome. I can barely get my heavy hog cruiser up to 22 mph and that scares me to death.