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    I'm Chris a 39y/o BMX'er from Atlanta...

    I work well as a freelancer doing whatever jobs I can find, currently a sign shaker guy 9 bucks an hour no taxes, own freedom smoke when I want, talk on the phone when I want or text in small moderations, as long as I keep waving and take breaks when I want, yup I'm the human version of spam on the internet or a popup ad just I'm standing on the side of the road doing it to ya. haha! Done a bit of it all from janitor and cart attendant to pc repair and electronics recycling.

    Okay yea, I've never owned a car yet, getting too old to keep going on pedal power, being a BMX'er/Cyclist I've collected a lot of bikes, speaking of collecting I'll get into the a few more lines down the page... But back to this right now, I've got one of the last Dyno Freestyle BMX Bikes made by them, an OCC Schwinn Stingray (I am looking to motorize!) hate that darn seat I swear it quite literally is a pain in the bum! LoL. Then I also have a Pacific Sun Trike I bought for 50 bucks off some dumby who swore up and down it was a Western Flyer then got p.o.'ed off at me when I pointed out the Sun logo on the frame after I bought it from him.

    But yea the OCC has led me to wondering where I can find the most complete kit for it, I found one on ebay for $249.00 no adjustments or extra parts needed, just need your own engine, so I'm here left wondering where I can find a good 2 stroke 66/70/80 CC engine at I tried some site called PirateCycles1 and they have a section, BUT no engines for sale.

    A lil more bout me? The collecting habits other than bikes is well I'm a home videophile so to speak, I've got it all the way from BetaMAX, RCA Select-A-Disc CED Player, VHS (Of course!) LaserDisc, DVD, HDDVD, still trying to get my hands on a Super8 VCR and a few officially made marketed movies for it and a LaserActive LaserDisc Player, it's a Turbo Grafx 16 and Sega Genesis and Sega CD System as well as a LaserDisc Player. See no point in owning a VideoCD Player since all DVD Players can play them. Sorry reel-to-reel is too old for me and about this seeming long winded. haha

    Lastly about me but not least, I'm a Juggalo (Yea ya know Insane Clown Posse fan type person, let the hate roll in IDC. LoL! Dealt with it all my life, nothing new to me! haha) and a Poet/Creative and Song Writer, dabble a lil in keyboard playing own a MicroKORG, and I also do a bit of image and web design, was going to ITT-Tech for it but dropped out when I realized "Trade" Schools are a rip-off and a joke, best bet would be to get certified and you'd have better luck at it than going to one of those types of schools, currently looking for a new better college.

    That's it and pretty much all about me, so damn talk about an introduction! LoL

  2. Cool, What's your plan for your first build? I live here in GA in Stockbridge/Rex area
    Heres where I get my engines, they are cheap and have tranny's, which is freakin cool and convenient if you ask me. Lifan's are cheap and good, pretty much Honda's off brand.
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    The OCC Schwinn Stingray and hopefully an 80cc engine. Then maybe if I can find a more a comfortable seat it'd be awesome. haha!!!

    Then possibly a second project would be a motorized trike with my Pacific Sun, taking the basket off the back and mounting the motor there somehow to proportion the weight correctly and not have to worrying about tipping the damn thing over. LMAO
  4. I think a Trike would be cool af. Haha
    I have an old Worksman Trike I hope to Motorize someday
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    Worksman trike, isn't that one with the basket/cargo rack infront of the whole bicycle part?

    So those engines would be compatible with this: http://www.livefastmotors.com/produ...-build-out-package-w-o-bicycle-motor-kit.html, I'm all kinds of lost on that tboltusa site, dunno what to look for, is it under lifan 50-150 engines?

    But that makes me wonder if a OCC Stingray could handle a 125CC engine. hahaha

    I'm looking for lower prices though, trying to spend under or around 300 to 400.
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    The live fast site is odd and funny, I can buy the kit without the engine and get the engine seperately on another purchase for around 75 bucks cheaper than buying the whole complete kit... WTF?

    Whole kit - http://www.livefastmotors.com/produ...edster-bicycle-motor-kit-standard-clutch.html $435

    Kit without engine - http://www.livefastmotors.com/produ...-build-out-package-w-o-bicycle-motor-kit.html $235

    Engine for it - http://www.livefastmotors.com/produ...rized-bicycle-motor-only-standard-clutch.html $120

    Unless I'm doing it all wrong, this is my first time. LoL
  7. Yea, your right, that is weird xP I'm not familiar with the kits, I built mine from scrap around the shop. I'm cheap xP Have you looked into getting a used motor?

    Ok, I figured it out. The complete kit comes with the gas tank (25-35$) Throttle handle (15-20$) Chain tensioner/ idler (10-20$) and other misc like the chain guard, fuel pet cock and lines and the nuts and bolts. And the motor of course. So it sound's about right.

    Here are some of the main sites I use

    And for certain stuff like Jackshafts and cogs

    And these guys are Local to us, they're in Athens. Great place for used forks, wheels, gas tanks, ect. And they are CHEAP
  8. No, its the same as yours, just works man. Which are usually really good frames