Whats up from pa/nj

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by iHarvey, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Welcome aboard. Thats a nice ride you have. I really like the leather tool bag on the forks.
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    Hey Harv..ENO (Down Under)..Nice ride and well put together..How did you get around the little problems with the build / looks like you may have resourced MBc before signing in / (fuel filter etc)...or maybe you have the natural talents that most of us would like to have..I can tell by your pics that you have the "pride factor" ..Enjoy and welcome again ENO..Your pics looked upside down from where I come from but I always have my screen upside down too so I am not geographically challenged..See ya
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    thank you for your compliments.


    i spent two weeks on the forum before i got my engine.as for knowledge i have been racing/riding/building mtb's all my life and i like to be a mad scientist and build cool things here and there. these bikes are great, im planning on building quite a few (personal and projects for friends)
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