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  1. Mandogway

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    Im new to this forum, but not so new to these bikes, I think i was one of the first to in my town to put one of these two strokers together seems like mabey 15 years ago, they just started coming out on ebay. Anyway i've put quite a few together over the years and recently built one with an old but new looking specialized dual suspension frame and finally found a chain tensioner that keeps up with the rear wheel trave, I'm looking forward to seeing everybodys projects & ideas

  2. ncaos

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    exelente me I would also like to see that tandem bike Suspension ... tensor that can take pictures?
  3. Mandogway

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    Heres A Pic

    It seems dual suspenders are a bit of a rarity around here

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  4. vegaspaddy

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    nice job mandogway,

    and like you said after 15 years i think your bum will be glad of the extra suspension.