Whats up with this... carb problem?

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Jun 30, 2008
I cant figure out what is making my bike suddenly die during riding.

I'll be going for a while, then it just dies and wont start up for a while. When I push the tickler, it'll start up for a second, then die again. After a while of messing with stuff, it miraculously starts up again! It seems like a GAS/Carb problem? - Considering it will fire up for a bit when i "give it gas", maybe I'm perpetuating the flow of gas which eventually causes it to fire back up??

I'm stumped.
If its a vented fuel cap and the vent is plugged you'll get this type of 'drying up' failure.

when it does it, stop the bike and open the fuel tank - if you hear a pressure release (a hissing sound) then you know the vent is blocked.

hope that helped

Jemma xx
First thing I always do in such situations is to pull the fuel line at the carb and turn on petcock and check flow. If it dribbles less than an aging man with prostate issues, then your strainer is probably clogged.

If flow is normal, pull carb, disassemble and clean. Rod main jet to ensure it isn't clogged.

In each of my builds, I remove the strainer and use an line filter that is clear. I also ensure that all gunk in a new tank is removed (see tips).
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