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    hi, i just ordered my 1st motor for my 29" cruser. i went with a Grubee GT5 skyHawk, i will be riding 20 miles a day ( 10 to work 10 home). am i asking to much from this motor?? i have been doing alot of reading on this forum and i think i will fine, but what do i know.. my ride is flat and off the busy highway. i would love to hear what pepole have to say and any points will help as well.. thanks for any help and nice to meet all you!!

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    Welcome to MBc
    No, but it depends on the overall "stability" of the build.
    There is lots of vibration, and initially you may have check things as you ride.
    Have a plan B in case the MB breaks down to or from work
    Carry some spare tools, and consider using thorn proof inner tubes.
    Carry a spare tube.

    Post your experiences so others may benefit to.

    All the Best