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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rising low, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Rising low

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    Hey guys,and gals,ive posted a few times for technical help,but never introduced myself so.my name is Rising low and i recently moved to sebring from sarasota fl.Im starting my 4th build and waiting for my bike to ship in.I started off with an electra townie with a 49 ht,sold it and built a diamondback edgewood with an 80 ,and boy did that bike fly!Then i sold it and built a panama jack cruiser,kinda a p.o.s. as far as quality but it looked nice.Now finally im doin my first 4 stroke hs and cant wait!Anyway,in sarasota the Mbs wre everywhere.but here theres like 8 or 9 that i know of,and three of em were mine so.Im gonna start building as many as possible and get some out there so im not alone.thanks for your time,Rising low.

  2. butterbean

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    Welcome. I'm in Gainesville, and I don't see too many here either. Wish I did, be cool to have people to ride with but I guess I'm stuck going solo.
  3. Rising low

    Rising low New Member

    thank you butterbean,you're not that toughman boxer are you?my bike is arriving today at sears so as soon as i figure this picture thing out i"ll post some.