What's your current favorite song?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sparky, May 9, 2008.

  1. sparky

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    What's your current favorite song? Doesn't matter how often you change you mind, I'm just after good music. Not genres, albums, or artists... but deep, impactful, moving, and/or profound songs.

    Mine's gonna be pretty tough to top. I actually just saw this music video linked on Digg.com yesterday. It's actually great music and a great video.

    "Handlebars" by Flobots

    They're from Denver, the hometown of insaniacs like our own LargeFilipino!


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  3. alesterfeind

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    Legend of Sissyfist, by The Giraffes. That one will get your blood pumping.
  4. alesterfeind

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    Or, if you want something bike related, try Mongoose, by Fu Manchu.
  5. sparky

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    "Protest" by Buck 65 (Lyrics here, you gotta find your own audio)

    That was one of my favorites for a long time last year.

    JJ Grey & Mofro also has a great CD that came out last year. Some of my favorites: Country Ghetto, Tragic, By My Side, Mississippi, Goodbye.

    That's why I started this thread... I'm tired of listening to the same stuff over and over again, and that Handlebars song was just the bit of fresh air I needed.
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    any old floyd, steely dan or csn...you just can't keep me from singing(badly) along :lol:
  10. Bigfoot

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    Probably something by a group called Return to Forever.

    Pretty much anything from Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy.Brilliant, melodic & funky yet complex & atmospheric jazz fusion.Some of the greatest musicians of their generation.
  11. turbo/chaos

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    this song is so me just listen to the lyrics and it is to the point of me
    (must be 18 the see) obsen lyrics


    or mudvayne

    but this is one of my best


    but my all time which no one will know of is voice of the soul by DEATH

    once you here it youl know why to bad ther goon R.I.P

    or the song my band played called whos to blame by anxious fate
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  14. http://largefilipino.muxtape.com/

    I change my 12 tracks every now and then.
    That first one is meant to be a joke and yet it's rather soothing...
    Start your own Muxtape from your computer library!
    It won't take anything bought from iTunes,though.
    I guess I could burn a copy and put it back....
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    Nice!! Muxtape, I mean... not your tracks. The first three were OOOKK, but at least I found some other people with some decent playlists.

    I used to use http://www.pandora.com but not so much recently.
  18. sparky

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    That's all I need... some good rhythm. I'm not much of a verbal person, so words rarely touch me since I'm typically dreaming my own thoughts to the beat of any random song playing in the background.
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    Sparky my man, there's not a better instrumental for dreaming then Europa by Santana