What's your favorite drink?

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  1. (Ian)

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    Off topic, I know. And drinking/motorized bicycling doesn't exactly go well together. But still, I recently contracted mono and won't be able to have an adult beverage for MONTHS maybe as much as a year. As a college student this is devastating, perhaps more than the illness itself (which also sucks)

    But enough about my problems, I'd like to take this time to fantasize about the drinks I'm missing:

    1)Beer. :tt1: Good beer. Can't go wrong with a nice dark beer, the more bitter the better.

    2)Campari. I love Campari. Campari is an Italian apperatif with a distinctly bitter taste, with sweet undertones. The recipe is secret but its signature bright red color used to be made using cochineal dye (squished beetles of a certain species) but now is allegedly artificially colored.

    Before I found out I had mono, I was saving my money for a bottle of Tangueray, a bottle of vermouth and a bottle of Campari. I was going to mix these in equal amounts and serve it on ice in a scotch glass. This is called a Negroni. I'd never had this drink before but I've heard it is the best drink in the world. Maybe in 2-4, possibly as much as 6 months I'll find out :icon_cry:

    Non-alcoholic drinks:
    Coke is much better than Pepsi
    I'll be drinking a whole lot of ginger beer now that I can't drink the hard stuff. I really, really like ginger beer. The spicier the better.

  2. SimpleSimon

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    In decreasing order of desirability: ice water, coffee, iced tea, iced vanilla chai tea, ovaltine, milk, sangria, white zinfandel, good whiskey, Peach Fresca, Pepsi (Coke is disgusting), Dr. Pepper, eggnog.

    No beer. Beer is swill.

    Being diabetic, I drink lots of water, and avoid most of the rest of the list above except coffee.
  3. chefdouglas

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    It mite be a good idea to take a month off of MB to. A ruptured spleen would s@#&. As to beverage : Hendrex gin and tonic with a lime wedge.
  4. CMP26

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    beer vodka mixed drinks basically any thing alcoholic.
    as for my non alcholic drinks of choice would be dr pepper sweet iced tea fruittopia sobe drinks and coffee
    P.S. coke products suck (except mr pibb)
  5. azbill

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    I have been a coffee or Doctor Pepper guy ever since I quit drinking alcohol in the mid 80's
    ...I am not a very nice guy when drinking :(
    (I have the scarred/deformed knuckles to prove it)
  6. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Lets see,

    Benedictine liqueur
    Twinings Lady Grey Tea
    Mercury (Tasmanian alcoholic draught cider)
    Scotch and Dry Ginger
    Wurzelpeter Liqueur
    Caro cerial coffee
    coffee made with hand ground and hand roasted coffee beans
    Polmos Polish pure Spirit
    Ginger beer
    Iced coffee loaded with vanilla ice cream.
    Glayva Liqueur.
    Ginger Wine
    Any decent red or white wine
    Filtered water with a light squeeze of lemon
    Southern Comfort Bourbon
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  7. give me vtec

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    water... cold, filtered, water. 98% of the time thats the best for me.

    Iced tea is good, always willing to try new teas. No tea from the soda machine... its as bad or worse than the coke its next to.

    Beer is good on occasion... no fancy beer, or **** domestic (coors, bud,). Although I tried sam adams a couple of months ago while I was in a dart league... and it was surprisingly very good.

    Newcastle is good, used to like heinekin but it got to "fancy". Always willing to try a good micro brew. But I usually stay away from alcohol these days.

    Only mixed drink I like are white russians... has to be made with whole milk and kettle one vodka. Doesn't taste good with anything else.
  8. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    I gave up booze long ago. My favorite drinks are; water, coffee , Gatorade, lemonade, fruit juices.[ mostly cranberry or orange juice ] Never drink anything else.
  9. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    do you ever drink acai juice???

    Its AWESOME... best brand is sambazon. Its like drinking ground up acai berries, they have a green version with a bunch of different strains of wheatgrass. Its even better. Drink one in the morning and you are good all day.

    I have a bad stomach and it helps alot.
  10. seanhan

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  11. BeauBoy

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    Lemon water, Russian caravan tea, Any fruit juice, Rainwater, Hot coco, Ovaltine, Bananna smoothies.

    Hahn Beer, Johnny Walker scotch whisky(neat), Bundaberg Rum(neat).
  12. give me vtec

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  13. Esteban

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    I think I tried that once. It was not something I care for. I do drink green tea , too.
  14. Fabian

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    Just looked up the website for Sambazon Acai juice.

    By the literature, it looks like a healthy and tasty drink - i'll have to get my hands on some!

  15. (Ian)

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    I'm huge into green tea. Not much into coffee, although I do drink it occasionally to help me keep awake while studying. I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine though. Just drank a cup of French roast and I feel like running laps. Have to buckle down though.
  16. (Ian)

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    Looking into making my own kava tea. Anyone ever try it?
  17. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    kava tea, sounds interesting - what is it?

  18. Gh0stRider

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    Ginger Beer is one of my favorites, and you can make it yourself. Contains "pro-biotics" (fancy way of saying live cultures) to aid in digestion. Great for upset stomachs. (But not too much *hic* lol)
  19. (Ian)

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    Kava tea's a drink from the Pacific islands that is said to relax you and reduce anxiety. Traditionally, men from the islands would drink it socially after a long work day. It claims to offer all the positive social effects of alcohol without any of the negative after effects. I'm considering it because it apparently lowers blood pressure, and mine's been a tad high lately.
  20. give me vtec

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    yeah most of them are not that great tasting, but have you ever had raw wheat grass juice??? The green revolution acai juice actually tastes good enough to be desirable... in the world of wheat grass and other "health juices" that is as good as it gets.

    Sambazon does have a strawberry flavor that has cane juice and strawberry puree in it... it's delicious. Its one of my favorite drinks....