What's your top speed and average speed?

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    If you have an iphone strava is an app that's pretty sweet for tracking your speed and distance. I finally got my bike running in top top shape after a long month of tinkering. Today I took it for a decent ride and found my top speed with my powerking 80 all stock is 41 mph mounted to a 29er. Just curious to see how fast you guys are going.
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  2. max350

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    Now you will just get a lot of answers about how dangerous it is and how wrong your measurement is. But I have been going 47mph according to the gps
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    That's pretty impressive speeds. Do you have any mods done? I'm looking into getting an expansion chamber soon. Yeah I know people are going to post about it being dangerous, everything dangerous anymore so I don't see what the big deal is. Plus I once high sided my gsxr 750 at the track going 90 mph and got up fine with out a scratch. It's a risk I'm willing to take for the excitement. As far as the gps it seems to be spot on plus or minus a 1 mph difference, I tested it in the car for 30 minutes and it proved to be fairly accurate
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    I've hit 48 mph according to gps before running out of road. I'm about to build up a $300 engine that will hopefully let me switch to a 33 tooth sprocket. I'm even thinking of going on a crash diet to improve acceleration and top speed. I'd like to see a top speed of 55 mph, but I think I'd have to shed some weight on my 70 pound bike to get going that quick.
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    Exactly.I own an yamaha rd lc 250 ported with tz chambers geared down. my cruiser handle like a motorbike. the law says 49cc 200w in South Australia. The coppers here are wise to the motorized bikes. I have heard of them demanding a dyno metering to see the power outputs. I have lost my licence mine has a compliance plate. Just adding a chamber and doing a bit of porting pushes up the kilowatts. I am still putting a chamber on but am putting the the stock muffler back on. Sick bike parts have heaps of cool stuff but the freight cost kills it. As soon as you add a chamber and porting the you have to re jet the carby. Something some micro drills can do if you know what your doing. I have picked up a new flat slide carby. waiting for rebuild to bring it all together. I also do not under stand the jackshaft stuff look dodgy and dangerous. We are also not supposed to exceed certain speed. I know the copper so I am going to see him about that.
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    You can read about it here http://motorbicycling.com/showthread.php?t=17995 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz0-ek8eInk
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    I, too, use Strava but only for my bicycle rides. For bike racers, Strava has changed the culture. If you claim any KOMs on your motorbike the racers may hunt you down!

    Strava tends to exaggerate the high speed of ride. If you look at a particular Strava segment, the speed analysis is more realistic.

    I worship at the House of Strava!

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    I added a tachometer and Bell C300 so I could track speed and distance. This morning I was looking at my last 7 mile ride that showed an speed of 17.5 mph :( and remembered your graphic. The confusion was cleared up when I realized I had 4 traffic light stops totaling about 7.5 minutes, when I removed that time from my tachometer time my average jumped to nearly 25 mph. Thanks for sharing the app and graphic!

    BTW, I have a 6.0CC compression head, expansion tube exhaust, a clone Dell Ready to Run.jpg 'orto carburetor, 40 tooth rear hub and running 92 octane alcohol free fuel with a 30:1 oil mix.

  10. Fast Shag

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    66cc Flying Horse 200 miles w/ SBP exhaust, 44 tooth sprocket, flat land, no tuck, 175lbs =29.5 mph using PROPERLY CALIBRATED speedo. 41 tooth sprocket =33mph......Screaming with little vibration. I know mostly everyone calibrates their speedo using the graph provided...not good!!!
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    I made a paper tape long enough to go completely around my 24" 2.3" Geax tire. I marked the tape at the overlap and it converted to 1956.8mm, which I entered into the setup of my bell Dashboard 300. I have since measured and timed my runs to be confident of information displayed. All seems correct after that calibration.
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    nice. I like your tach!
  13. jhammondcpa

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    The $25 tachometer was a a great addition! It allowed me to adjust the fuel settings and get my bike to idle around 1,500 rpms. When I am at various speeds it's great to confirm the RPM. BTW my buddy Matt advertises on this site all the time and he sells them at this link https://www.bicyclemotorworks.com/store/products-page/page/4.

    Always glad to help!
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    Duuude... why haven't I heard of this site yet?!

    Their prices are the best. :clap:
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    The highest I did with my Grubee Skyhawk 66cc was 40 mph. I probably could have gone faster but I don't take that risk with bicycle rims. If I had a stronger rim and spokes, then I may have given it a shot.
  16. battery

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    Top speed on lvl ground is 40mph with 20lb in my 2.4"x29" tires I am geared down as far as I can go so average is under ten. I use my bike to crawl around the mountains of N.Y.
  17. Fast Shag

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    Man! I wish I could get 40mph outta my 66cc! My compression tested 126psi after head and jug work, SBP chamber, matched exhaust and intake flanges.... Maybe it needs to hit 500 miles? Maybe it's the 26" tires...
  18. butre

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    gearing, port work, ignition

    my compression tests at 172 psi and that gets me 53 mph on level ground