Whats your top speed

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  1. Toysaresuss

    Toysaresuss New Member

    Hey guy's.

    just wondering, Whats the top speed you have ever gotten out of your bike's?

  2. Ghost0

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    40 mph, 69cc Chinese 2 stroke, tuned pipe etc.
  3. biken stins

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    Welcome to the site.
    If you do some searching you will find speeds vary. Many engines, many ratios, how nuts you are.
    I have 4 bikes.
    One still in build stage.
    One very quiet and stelth,that moves along at 20mph smooth and quiet.Max I have had it 32. This has a speedometer. May not be accerate but gives some idea.
    One fairly stock i don't have any idea how fast it been. No speedometer. Just have fun and try to keep up when riding with others with no or few break downs.
    One I have tweeked and tried the tricks on the site here,that bike is silly fast.
    Silly fast is when I start giggling, lose all comon sence, feel right with the world, adrenaline kicking in. Thoughts of anything going wrong are flushed from the mind.
    Darn the torpedo's full speed ahead. Crashing is not a option. The expanision singing it sweet melody. Ying and yang have met. Harmony. And all is well. When you get to where you were going your pumped, wide eyed, and thoughts of the ride you were just on make you giggle.
    The feeling of building adds to the happiness. Looks on the cagers face priceless. Of course this type of riding is done in a fairly safe enviorment for testing purpose only.
    Ol guys don't giggle a lot. So for me its enjoyable.
    So TOYSARESUSS how fast do you want to go ? Have you ever ridden a bicycle at 40+ downhill. As a new member I would work on building it right.
    But that was not the question.
    So what is my top speed ? What ever I feel is safe to myself and others.
    Good Luck with a build and once again Welcome.
  4. Toysaresuss

    Toysaresuss New Member

    Hey Biken Stins,

    Well i brought a 49cc skyhawk engine kit from eBay and had intentions on using it to get to and from work and the top speed i got it to was only 40 kmh which is only 24mph. It was on a standard mountain bike and had a 44 tooth sprocket. Plus im pretty much a big boy that weighs 110kg or 242 pounds.
    So i ordered and have paid for a new engine kit which is a 69cc motowizza tho only to find out it is not legal to ride on the road due to the wattage output, legal is 200 watt not legal is the engine im getting which has a wattage of 2500.
    But now i intend on fixing or upgrading things on my skyhawk 49cc bike. I just wanted to know some stuff? would it be safe to place the motor on a Racer/road type bicycle? would i get any speed difference from doing that? With money being no object what can i do to make the bike go from 24 mph to 40+ mph?
  5. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    35 clocked with the car

    that was for a brief half block during break in (couldn't resist)

    I have not checked against the car again, but on the same stretch of road it feels just a little faster now
  6. roddy4477

    roddy4477 Member

    top speed

    do you mean on the level with no wind? or downhill with a tail wind? Any way on flat and level little or no wind the Flying Squirrel bike with a SBP shift kit 48 cc slant head iron sleeved engine with 1000 miles on .gets 34 to 38 mph on the level. down a long hill 47.5 verified speedometer, they are others that have gone faster . Use your good judement when you go for the max. Wear your safety gear. have fun.:helmet:
  7. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    Your skyhawk engine is a good engine. .
    Better spark plug and wire,will help.
    Your exahust is holding you back a bit and with a hole other mods depending on muffler it will give you a little more boost.
    34t -36t sprocket may help also. A32t or less pedaling may be more effort but top end goes up and hills are a pain.Get a hub and sprocket set up. The hub from manic mechanic I think will fit all sprockets. At 235lbs the 36t worked well for me.
    SBP has a set up where you can use your gears.
    Port the exhaust and intake ports. Have intake manifold and engine intake port close to the same. Do same with exhaust.
    The jet in the carb can be replaced or reworked.
    Air cleaner,a better one is needed.
    I like to mill the head down. I just used a belt sander and took the lip off.
    No problems so far with above.
    Speed, dependabilty can be had by a rack mount.
    I find 20 to25 for crusin' is nice. The extra power is nice to have for hills.
    Check out engine modification, lot of good stuff there.
    Sorry for comming across as a smart alick.
    People when you stop ask you, new folk come and want to know"what is the top speed"
    All the neighbor kids have asked.
    Drives me a nuts as, "can you hear me now ?"
    Use the search box and your going to find a lot of good info. If you don't find what you need ask a question.
    Your electric set up sounds good. How can they tell the size and power it is puting out ?
    IF Law enforcement pulls you over Correct answer 20mph.
    Good Luck. And once again welcome to the site.
  8. bird_e

    bird_e New Member

    28Mph downhill, 25 Flat, 21 up hil.. this is with a DAX 50 mounted to a friction drive.
  9. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Still shaking down "The Iron Dragon", my 460 engine friction drive.

    I thought my other bike, "The Dragon Lady" was fast. With twin-engined Mitsubishi engines its best was 41mph on the flats with no tail wind. 35mph cruising speed for 10 miles WOT.

    At one particular incline, the Mits engine could hold 34mph wide open.

    At that same incline, "The Iron Dragon" hit 44mph and not on full throttle.

    This bike has the potential to reach 50+mph.:devilish:

    Ohh, and please wear protective gear and observe all speed limits.