whazzup my 2stroke bruddas?!?!?!

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  1. beachcruiserD

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    hey its dave,
    and i recently (okay about 2 months ago)
    got on the motored bicycles bandwagon, and i gotta say, it has been life changing for me!...i am a student at a local college, and a commuter...(of about 2 miles one way) I know i COULD ride my bicycle both ways, and its good exercise and what not....but nothing beats blowing the **** by some d@uch on his $3000 roadbike @ 30 mph!!!..... I can save the exercise for other times when i want to have fun with friends, i got places to be mofo! haha....
    But in all seriousness, i wouldn't be able to go half of the places i go without my motorizedbicycle.....the cops on motorcycles are trying to get me, i know...
    but i use dem stealth teqniques to shrug em off.... not gonna tax me no more, no sir.... I live in southern california, huntington beach(to be exact), and since there's hardly any REAL crime, the local pro-leach likes to tax the innocent civilians in order to keep their jobs...
    kinda pathetic....makes me wanna move to long beach....anyway....
    when i see a cop, (especially a motorcycle cop), I AM SURE TO PULL THE CLUTCH AND KILL THE ENGINE!!..
    Don't understand why? its cause these mofos will pull you over for any reason in order to make quota....whether its because you look like someone they're looking for, or you have a cracked windsheild when you dont(in a car).
    trust me when i say....these police in orange county are not only overpaid, but also overemployed!!

    As if cost of living isn't enough, they tax the living **** out of us.....
    that's why i ride low key..
    ...and if a cop starts chasing me, as much as i dont want to say it, IM RUNNING!! I got a list of bicycle only areas that a cruiser will be **** out of luck trying to get me, and im not gonna stop as long as i got fuel in my tank, mainly cause im on probation and cant take anymore ***t.

    other than that, i say watch your back....i had to shake a motorcycle cop the other day who was gonna try and tax me for doing 25+...no sir....this is AMERICA....i WILL be free, by personal choice....ride or die:lol:
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  2. terrence

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    LOL, Hey Dave welcome to MB.c
    If they were interviewing you on tv they would have had 6 "Beeeeps":smile:
    I like your enthusiasim. Yes, it sounds like its best to run low key in your area.
    Are MB's illegal in your area. Do you have to register them?
    Enjoy the ride.(under the radar)
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello Dave and welcome aboard.

    Southern California always sounds so good to me about this time of year. So do us a favor and keep your fingers crossed for those of us who have to ride in winter, will you?

    We'll see you around.
  4. srdavo

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    welcome to MBc.

    please, stop tricking our auto-censor. we are a kid-friendly site.
    use *****, they are free! :)
  5. beachcruiserD

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    my bad about the profanity....i got excited, lol.

    as far as i know, we dont need any registration, license, insurance, or any of that.
    and im not sure about the helmet law....im 23, and i know that i dont need one on a bicycle unless i was younger, but idk if the same applies since we are dealing with 'pedal assist' bicycles.....whatev, im gonna keep calling it a bicycle in case there's an issue with the popo's (instead of letting them tell me its a moped)
    oh yeah and the law out here im pretty sure is no more than 25 mph for pedal assist, meaning that it cannot be CAPABLE of exceding 25 mph and under 49cc's.....so if they radar me at 30, well then idk, i dont want to get my ride impounded or anything.
    i think that on ebay, the seller 'boygofast' had stated on his website that he would not sell to anyone in california due to some proposition, i emailed him to ask why and thats what he said....i told him thats my problem not his, but he refused to sell me one, go figure..(also heard some negative reviews on that guy, idk..)..i looked all over the web to find more proof, but found nothing....lots of people out here have them, its just rare to come in contact while riding mine around, but it does happen....usually i see them while driving and give em the thumbs up.

    I used to live in Pennsylvania, and i know about the snow alot of you guys are heading into...also just riding a bicycle is pretty sketchy in winter.... do any of you guys run snow treads or have spikes for traction? I cant see spinning the wheels all day and understeering.