Wheel and Tire suggestion?

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    What moderately priced rims n tires should I be seeking out so he does not kill himself. Last motorized bike he got to ride he somehow got the thing doing 50 and his wheels locked up . Back to kaiser our second home

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    If he is using a cruiser style bike with a coaster brake I'm going to suggest you look at a set that BikeWorldUSA.com has for sale. They are heavy duty chrome rims with 12ga spokes (standard bicycle spokes are the thinner 14ga spokes). Here's the link: http://www.bikeworldusa.com/product_info.php/cPath/124_71_78/products_id/468
    Here's the tire I use: http://www.bikeworldusa.com/product_info.php/cPath/124_71_75/products_id/3392

    Below is a photo of those wheels and tires on my brother's '57 Schwinn Corvette motorized bike.

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    I am all for going fast on a machine designed to go fast as much as anyone else. But bicycles were never designed to go 50 mph. If Mr Kenard had only a minor mishap doing that speed, he should count himself lucky. If he insists on going fast, I hope you can convince him to wear a full helmet, leather gloves and lots of padding. Maybe get a real motorcycle. I am going to guess his tires deformed and got caught in the frame. I have been in many bicycle shops. Maybe they will lace a wheel with 12 gauge spokes. Certainly get tires designed for high loads and high speeds. I have Panaracer street tires (no, they are not racing tires). Speed costs money. I don't intend to come across as negative, but I encourage you to convince him to keep his speed down. Only at a race track does a rider get an award for being the fastest. Best of riding to you and him.