Wheel Hub Blues

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  1. milegajo

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    Hi Guys,

    Have had the pleasure of browsing your posts at work!LOL and have decided to join.

    I have partially successfully installed a 4 stroke engine bought off eBay


    Now heres the pickle im in, the custom hub supplied has holes machined too wide for my spokes and any my local bike shop stock, have rung many motorbike shops who can help either. I'm starting to lose hope people!!!The seller has offered to flog me another ready built wheel for £55!! i am tempted because thats roughly how much it will cost to get it built i imagine.

    I am so excited but seem to have tripped at this last hurdle.

    Thanks alot for your help so far guys keep up the good work!

    Mike J - Gloucestershire UK
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  2. HoughMade

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    So you're saying that the hub takes thicker spokes than what is available locally?

    If so, there has to be some source where you can get 12ga (.105") spokes- which is probably what it takes. Others here know better where to find spokes, but just do some internet searches and see what you find.

  3. milegajo

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    the 12 ga spokes have been the general recommendation but have proved rather elusive to source. i must say i am surprised with the amount of agro and was wondering if it was just me. Any idea on cost of decent 12 ga spokes?
    despite the agro i would like to say this project has been a whole lot of fun its just been this last complication thats annoying me