Wheel Hub/SPoke BLues

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    Hi Guys,

    Have had the pleasure of browsing your posts at work!LOL and have decided to join.

    I have partially successfully installed a 4 stroke engine bought off eBay


    Now heres the pickle im in, the custom hub supplied has holes machined too wide for my spokes and any my local bike shop stock, have rung many motorbike shops who can help either. I'm starting to lose hope people!!!The seller has offered to flog me another ready built wheel for £55!! i am tempted because thats roughly how much it will cost to get it built i imagine.

    I am so excited but seem to have tripped at this last hurdle.

    Thanks alot for your help so far guys keep up the good work!

    Mike J - Gloucestershire UK
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    yeah it is 36 holes, he has replied saying it is 12 ga i need but all the bike shops locally are telling me to stuff it or are trying to rip me off. any idea how much 36 12ga spokes should cost? has anyone else had this problem?
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    unfortunately im not at home right now
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    Here in the US the spokes could easily cost you $1.00- $1.50 each and then the labor to have the wheel relaced and trued probably in the $50.00 range. If the problem you are having is that the spoke holes in the hub are to large? Then you can purchase some spoke washers and then use regular 14g spokes. DT Swiss make the washers or did a few years ago. Or you may be able to buy a small SS washer at your local hardware store.

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    :smile:thanks alot guys you've been fantastic. I think i have managed to source both alternatives based on you're suggestions and hope to be able to let you know how my first ride went early next week.
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    have been to yet another bike shop today who inform me there are bmx hubs with threads either side of the hub to allow the cassette to be mounted on the left. thinkin of buyin one of those because it SHOULD fit my spokes (will be some decent ones)
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    The type of BMX hub you are talking about will not work for you on your motoredbike. You need the left side of the hub to have left hand threads. The BMX hubs are called Flip/Flop hubs are for allowing you to put two different size SS freewheels on your wheel and then you would be able to change your gearing by simply Filp/Floping the wheel. If you tried to drive both sprockets on a hub like this the one on the left side would simply spin off. Staton-Inc makes a hub with left hand threads on the left side, it is a bit pricy, but a very well made hub from what I've read here. Are the spoke holes on the hub that came with your kit so large that your spokes pull through or are the spokes just looser that what is optimum?

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    ahhh thanks for pointing that out. Yeah the spokes just fall through the holes.