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Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by Fulltimer, Aug 2, 2010.

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    I have a couple of spokes that are somewhat loose. Loose compared to the others. I was going to take the wheels off the tricycle and take them to a bike shop to have them tightened up. That ain't gonna happen! I can't get the wheels off the axles. Putting the trike in my Jeep is a PITA at best. I would have to take the front wheel off and pick the thing up and stuff it in the back. It's heavy. It has a 1" steel frame. Then I'm only allowed to pick up 10 pounds anyways. Problems, problems.

    I have never worked on spokes at all. I do have booked marked a video on how to do it. Is it a good idea to try it myself or should I try to get it to the shop?


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    Above is a pretty good video of truing with the wheel still on a bike. With your trike you will just have to use something other than the brake pad as a reference to do this. I would first tighten those loose spokes til they all felt the same, then start truing. As an amateur , you won't get it perfect, but get it acceptable.
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    Thanks for the link! It isn't the one I have so now I have 2 of them. I'll run down to the bike shop today and pick up the spoke tool. I wanted to have one anyways.

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    Hi Terry,
    I have to true my wheels too.
    Hows it going?
    (I've been on hold for 2 weeks.)
    Where r u picking up your spoke tool?
    I have to get it also.

  5. Fulltimer

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    I found a combination tool at Wal Mart. It even has a bottle opener!

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    I have that same problem with my trike. i'm gonna try some PB blaster. It's old and rare, I can't screw up the hubs with bangin on them, plus I think they are aluminum hubs.